Keeping time

Guillemins 10

Transit spatio-temporel   Untitled

Time flies

[Everything in life is just for a while]   Time Heals Nothing


Photos from twan-k5, Gilderic Photography, KleistMod, mia uhac, EZ-90, Helmut Kaczmarek, and vulture labs.

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Red stags in yellow

Red Deer Stag

Red Deer Stag, Richmond Park, Surrey [Explored]

Sunrise Bellow

red deer   Red Deer at Dawn   Dawn Call   the roar

You’ll find red deer roaming in the U.K. at dawn, especially in Bushy Park, London. Adorned with thick manes and protruding antlers, the stags of these species draw attention by roaring to attract mates. Many wildlife photographers enjoy snapping shots of them in the morning mist that diffuses sunlight and bathes everything in a golden hue — a natural filter for these enchanting photos.

Photos from naturenev, craig.denford, DaniConnor1995, dr jimmy mr jim, Richard.Fisher, Phil Selby, and stephen.darlington.

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Flickr T-Shirts are now available!

Also available in: Deutsch

Over the last couple of weeks we have been working hard to bring you something very special just in time for the holiday season.

In collaboration with the fine folks at BustedTees we present you – drumroll – our very own Flickr T-Shirt collection!

Five exclusive designs in male and female sizes printed on stylishly colored American Apparel t-shirts.


Get yours now in the Flickr T-Shirt Store!


Photos from morozgrafix, and a big shout-out to Marc for his amazing designs.

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Shafts of light

Shorter days

Sunday Light

Temple, rays of sunlight (series of 7 colored photos on light and shade)

Trees   I Can Still Feel The Light You Left Behind   Rays of light   A promise to come

Rays of sunshine beam through these wondrous scenes, including locations at the Børvasstindene Mountains of Norway, Aquitaine, France, and Hong Kong.

See and share photos in the Sunsets & Sunrises around the world group.

Photos from trondk, Mickaël.G, tantheolddoc, Joerg Marx, Lotus Carroll, jerryms, and broo_am.

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Weekend Samplr

Also available in: Français

The People of Soho: The Therapist

Curba First Day of K Kej Oslobodjenja 13F

wedding limo

Surma tribe child with face painting Naan Breakfast Pizza Pakitsoq

Flowers and a cat

Photos from Pete Zelewski, Olivier.Red, themexican, Milos Gazdic, Quassar_x, anthony pappone photographer, Chitra_A, Petur Bjarni, and Siza Padovan, all uploaded around the weekend.

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Pucki Loves Sushi – A Flickr Story

19/30 - She means businessFollowing our call for stories, today we want to feature Andrea Peipe, formerly known as Pucki_loves_Sushi on Flickr, who shares with us how her 365 project convinced her to go all the way and become a professional photographer. We had the chance to meet Andrea in Munich, Germany.

In October 2009 I was sitting in my office doing a job I was bored with and didn’t enjoy very much. It was a good job but I missed being creative and doing things on my own without having to ask permission for everything, even trivial things like sending an email. I was searching the web for muffin recipes in a short break and came across the I <3 Muffins blog. I immediately fell in love with it because of its unique style and many great inspirational posts!

As I was browsing through it, I saw a post about the awesome Anna Amphigorously. I was speechless. I was sitting there, thinking that she is half my age and doing what I love and in such a beautiful and unique way! I had never before heard of Flickr but even after days I couldn’t get Anna’s photos out of my head…

So in November 2009 I joined Flickr because of her and because I wanted to see more of her work and be able to fave it somehow. I have to admit it took me some time to figure it out but she was among the first three people I added. :)

309/365: I'll still be here

About a month later when I had been uploading mostly holiday shots, I came across Grace Adams’ photostream who is still one of my favorite photographers on Flickr to this day. She was doing a 365 at that time and it got me thinking: I was in a bad place in life, very unhappy with my job and how my life was going, and I thought it might be a good idea to do a 365 for therapeutic reasons – you know, dealing with emotions by putting them into a photo. At the end of 2010 I met my very good friend Norb who owns a Nikon D90 and who really got be thinking if I should not get a DSLR myself! I had always wanted to be a photographer but you know how life goes sometimes… it was recommended to me by job consultants when I was still in high school that only very few people have success as photographers and I should better do something else with my life. Being young and all, I believed it and became a translator instead. But photography was always in the back of my head and I went through many cameras and from film to digital over the years. In January 2010 I went to a local camera store and got my Nikon D5000 with its tiltable display I really liked.

Day 1/365 - Screaming helpsA few days later, when my camera was still a HUGE mystery to me, I started my own 365 project and went through with it. I am proud to say that I took a photo every day, even when on vacation, because at the end of the year I wanted to be proud of myself. My first photo was probably not the best from a technical standpoint but a very emotional one to me.
It took me quite a while to get to know my camera, always wanting to figure out how other people took certain shots (e.g. levitation) and how to get the focus the way you want etc. About half-way through my 365, I quit my job and was emotionally and physically exhausted. I didn’t really know what I was going to do next but I knew I wanted it to have something to do with photography. I still had to go on for a few weeks with my job but knew it was coming to an end soon.

Princess of the forestSoon after I actually left work for good, I managed to trip and fall. It turned out to be a bigger deal than it looked at first, forcing me to stay at home on the couch in the most glorious July so far. I was bored and so I got chatting with a guy who recommended a German online model agency to me. I had never really taken portraits of other people until then so I pulled myself together and starting writing to models, asking if they would let me take their shots (time for print). Lisa was the first one I met for a photo shoot. Since it went really well, I got the courage to ask more and more people. Realizing that I was actually really good at making people relax during photo shoots and getting shots they were really happy with, gave me the courage to start my own business!

The BeginningIn April 2011 (later than I was hoping for but making a business plan etc. had turned out to take longer than I thought) I finally started my own business as a photographer, naming it Cap Photography which is basically the letters of my full name in the wrong order as well as a hint towards a lens cap (my friend Alex came up with it). I decided to offer creative photo shootings for couples, babies and also just for individuals. And now, a year later, it is starting to go well. In May this year, I even had three of my photos featured as part of an exhibition at the Urban Art Fair STROKE in Munich. It was my second (group) exhibition, the first one was last year when one of my photos was part of an exhibition that took place in Berlin, Paris and London. I meanwhile had another one of my photos hang in a gallery in London as part of a group exhibition and all of this is very exciting to me!

Day Eighty-ThreeIn August 2012 I organized my first Flickr Community Meetup in Munich. We were meant to be about 15 people. Although in end there were only four of us, it turned out to be a good thing because we had an amazing time and have met several times ever since. :)
Moritz, Stefan and Anna have become amazing friends and the creativity that happens, especially when portrait photographers get together, is mind-blowing to me!

Flickr has made this possible for me. All of this! Had it not been for the blog post about Anna’s photos, I would have never found Flickr. Had it not been for Grace’s 365 project, I would have never started my own. Had I not started my 365 project, I would have never bothered to really get into photography and try to understand everything about it and realize I am actually good at this. I would have never started taking photos of others and start my own business as a photographer!

So thank you. To everyone here on Flickr, to all the great friends I made on here (most of all Patrick who is the best friend I could have ever wished for to find), to all the support I got and everything that has happened to me because of that.

Andrea xx

Thank you, Andrea, for taking the time to tell us your story!

How has the Flickr community impacted you?  Have you seen any photographers that are doing something different that you think the world should know about?

If you also have a story to share, we’d love to hear from you!

Photos from Andrea Peipe, anna hollow, GraceAdams, and moritzaust.

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International Hot Air Balloon Festival 2012 in Mexico

Also available in: Français

Darth Vader

León, Guanajuato.- FIG

Hasta Elvis llegó

Festival del Globo   del lado oscuro >:)   IMG_8672   17/11/2012 Hermoso espectáculo. Festival Del Globo En Leon Guanajuato Mexico...

The Festival Internacional del Globo was celebrated this week in León, Guanajuato, Mexico. About 200 pilots, representing over a dozen countries, congregated in León’s Metropolitano Park to speckle the sky with their hot air balloons for this annual ballooning event, which has come a long way since its humble beginning in 2002 with 27 balloons.

Photos from tzotzil, Conyhm, tipsdeviajero, Ohnomanzano!, zömbina nörimaki, tomas castelazo, and ARTENITA.

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Cranberry bogs at harvest

A few cranberries...


Harvest Morning

Lost in Red

Every fall before the harvest, the berries of carefully irrigated cranberry shrubs ripen to a deep red. But in most areas where they’re grown, cranberries aren’t picked by hand. Farmers first flood the beds with water until the vines are submerged, then drive harvesters through these bogs to separate the berries from their stems. The picked fruit will finally rise to the surface of the water, creating the floating pools of pink and red that appear so vividly in these photos.

If you’re curious to see more of the story behind the cranberries on your Thanksgiving table, look through our "cranberry bog" clusters.

A Happy Thanksgiving to all of you celebrating today.

Photos from LoraleaDawnKirby, neggatiff, SupersonicNJ, and Chase Schiefer.

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Breathtaking Chromeography

Chromeography Exhibition Title

Imperial 1928 Mercedes-Benz 680S Sports Tourer

prcssd. venice beach, ca. 2011.

For Stewf (a.k.a. Stephen Coles), Flickr has always been an excellent resource for historical research and meeting other enthusiasts that share his idiosyncratic interests. One of them is what the industry calls brightwork, the metal logos attached to cars.

Being an avid photographer of these mid-century gems, he uploaded them to Flickr and created his set Letters on Cars, and that is how it all started… Once Stephen began showing his own photos to the world, he thought there must be more people interested in this, so he founded the Chromeography group.

Once the group was established, Stephen wanted to go beyond collecting the images and curate the multifaceted work. His Chromeography blog was born. Only a few years later, the collection holds over 1,200 images, all categorized by manufacturer, model, color, lettering style, era, and national origin.

Browsing the group pool and the blog are a captivating experience not only if you’re into cars and the beautiful typography attached to them.

And as a special treat for those of you in or around Berlin, Germany, Stephen just opened his show celebrating the metallic emblems that gave names and life to vintage automobiles, domestic appliances, and other consumer objects last Friday. The collection of photos and physical chrome emblems tells a fascinating story of the changing trends and ideals of the last hundred years simply through metal lettering.

You can visit the Chromeography exhibition Monday to Saturday, 12pm-6pm, until December 22nd, 2012, at Mota Italic Gallery in Berlin’s Prenzlauer Berg.

Photos from Stewf, Thomas Hawk, ~Roderick, and

eyetwist. You can find more on typography and Stephen’s other interests on his blog Stüf Stuff.

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Leonid meteor shower: Light streaks of comet debris

Paint Mines Leonids

41/365²: Leónidas

Crack of Dawn   Leonids Through the Trees   323/366 (688)   Fireworks

Stargazers from around the world conjured nocturnal instincts to witness this year’s set of shooting stars known as the Leonid Meteor Shower. While many saw the annual celestial event, clearly photographing — and identifying — all the actual elements illuminating the night sky can be a challenge, and occasional debates on distinguishing satellite flares from meteors surface in comments. In any case, those who attempted to snap the Leonids came up with captivating shots, some of which are seen here.

Employing skills in photo stacking and exposure processing, a lucky few Flickr members photographically preserved the famous pattern of light streaks that appear to pop out of the constellation of Leo earlier this week.

Kudos to the photographers, featured here, for reading the sky well and sharing what settings worked for them, because their diverse images leave us begging for their behind-the-camera stories — so click on these photos to get the scoop.

Photos from David Kingham, anieto2k, Dennis Calvert, ikewinski, HubbleColor {Zolt}, mwhcvt, and Vignesh.K.

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