Flickr community shows The Weekly Flickr some love this Valentine’s Day

In this edition of The Weekly Flickr, we asked you to give us some inspiration ahead of Valentine’s Day 2013.

We asked, and you showed us some love by sharing your photos celebrating the things you cherish most, from engagement and wacky wedding photos, to images showcasing your love for the little ones in your life, to nature photos that really demonstrate just how much love is in the air and everywhere!

After you’ve watched the video, be sure to check out our “Love is in the air” galleries showcasing many of your submissions: Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV

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Posted by Stacy Curtin

Veggie Macros

red cabbage leaf

Pink Veins

onion abstract (brescia, italy)

Orange slice macro


Up-close photos of vegetables and fruits that capture the finite textures, patterns, and color ranges of them.

Explore more images like these in the Veggie Shots gallery, and share your captivating macro photographs in the Macro Photography group.

Photos from DevilDucMike, bloodybee, comker, Kelly Johnson | Duna Photography, and christian&alicia.

Posted by Arnold Chao

Yarn bombs: Photos of guerrilla knitting

Also available in: Français

Kassel Yarn Bombing Streetart

Spider web yarn bomb

yarn bomb



While browsing pictures in the stream of Recent Photos, we came across a brightly colored image of what’s known as yarn bombing — a graffiti practice that uses yarn as the preferred medium. The image inspired a search for other public knitted-yarn pieces, which led to discovering 40 groups dedicated to yarn-bomb photography.

Here’s only a small sample of what we found, including yarn art wrapping rails, trees, bikes, and sculptures that temporarily alter cityscapes across the globe.

See more curated yarn-bombing photos: Yarn Bombs Abound gallery | Knitted Graffiti gallery

Photos from RenSandoz, digibron, yarnitic, KittElisa, and maisbrot.

Posted by Arnold Chao

#FlickrFriday: Everyone Loves Pie

You Know What They Say About Warm Apple Pie

Lilou loves pie Look out, Teddy!

a long, long time ago, I can still remember how that music used to make me smile

*really* getting into pie....... subtitled: Blueberry Boulders and Broccoli Bushes Everyone Loves Pi[e]

FlickrFriday ~ Everyone Loves Pie

# Last Friday we asked you for submissions interpreting our theme Everyone Loves Pie.

These are some of our favorite contributions. Join the Flickr Friday group for updates and to check out the other submissions. We will continue the project with a very special theme close to our hearts end of the week.

Photos from Lotus Carroll, Barbara.Bastian, Hänsel & Gretel, sparkleplenty_fotos, muffett68 ☺☺, veadavies, and Trish P. – K1000 Gal.

#FlickrFriday is a weekly photography project that challenges your creativity. For a chance to be featured on FlickrBlog, follow @flickr on Twitter & like us on Facebook and look for the weekly theme announcement every Friday. Browse the Flickr Friday category for more.

Posted by Kay Kremerskothen

World Heritage Site: Huanglong

Calcific Ponds



Flying Falls

Huanglong National Park

One of the gratifying aspects about exploring Recent Photos is spotting a depicted destination that brings to mind the question: “Where is that?” Situated in the Sichuan Province, Huanglong National Park in China was one of those places that sprung up in our photo browsing, and what a place this is. UNESCO declared it as a World Heritage Site in 1992 for its unique landscape, containing hot springs, travertine pools, and waterfalls.

Do you want more pictures from this location? Check out other images of what this location offers at: Huanglong gallery | Huanglong on Flickr Places

Photos from sunfishandbluecrabs, jennyhooi, culantor, Ben Naden, and anija.

Posted by Arnold Chao

Looking back at us

Simplicity is ultimately a matter of focus.


Playful Gubble Bum

This is a selection of the stunning portraits that have been uploaded to Flickr this weekend. If you love portraiture as much as we do, join one of our amazing portrait groups to learn, share, discuss, and enjoy.

Photos from David Olkarny Photography, Vika Palatova, Megan Wilson Photography, and i dream of chairs.

Posted by Kay Kremerskothen

A trick of the light

Christopher Renfro has been painting with light for the last three years.

“When I first found light painting in 2009 it just completely blew my mind,” he tells The Weekly Flickr. “I have spent my entire life really not knowing who I am, what I am supposed to do, or why I am here and when I found light art photography I knew instantly who I was.”

As Christopher describes, “light art photography is the methodical movement of a light source in front of a camera set to a long exposure.”

He does the majority of his work at night in natural environments.  “I am particularly fond of the twilight before it gets fully dark, where I can exploit the natural light before it completely leaves,” he says.

What is amazing about his photos is that all of his work is done totally in-camera. “I don’t even know how to really use Photoshop,” Christopher says.

The Orbs Of Larch Mountain

“I make the orbs by having a wire with a light on one and a switch on the other, with a wire in between,” he explains. “You swing this vertically while pivoting around a center point and it creates a perfect sphere if you do it right.”

It usually takes him between six or eight tries before he gets one image he is happy with.


“The light sparks are actually steel wool. I secure it to a string, light it with a 9-volt battery or a lighter, and just start swinging away and sparks just go flying everywhere,” he says. “When you’re working with steel wool, it’s very important that you’re aware of your surroundings and possible things that could catch on fire. It is a little bit hard for it to cause a fire, but it’s certainly possible.”

He has taken thousands of exposures since taking his first image and each is just as exciting to see as the first.


But light art photography has become much more than just an enjoyable passion for Christoper. It is his savior.

“I have a mental illness called borderline personality disorder, and it has created a lot of challenges in my life,” he explains. “When I’m having a rough day I can just go off and create art. And just the act of creating something is very therapeutic to me.”

Flickr played a very important part in helping him find himself back in 2009.

“I posted my first pictures to Flickr and almost immediately someone from the Light Junkies group invited me to the group, and I discovered this amazing community of fellow light geeks,” he says. “I wouldn’t be here and have gotten this far with them and their support.”

His advice to those with his illness is to never give up. “You don’t know what tomorrow is going to bring,” he says.

View Christopher Renfro’s photostream.

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Posted by Stacy Curtin

It’s Flickr Friday and Everyone Loves Pie

#Flickr Friday: Everyone Loves Pie

The new Flickr Friday theme is "Everyone Loves Pie" If you’d like to join the project, take your shot and share it with us in the Flickr Friday Group.

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