Eyes of architecture: Staircase spirals

Stairway to Gaudi's Heaven

Blinded by the Light

Ascend This

red queen

ecological bulb

Stairway to...

Golden Spiral

Many of you turned a usually monotonous stairway ascent or descent into fascinating architectural explorations through photos, and here’s a sample of the vertigo-inducing designs captured in stunning shots across the globe. From Antoni Gaudi’s nautilus-shaped steps of La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain, to the golden spiral inside the Hilton Hotel of Reykjavik, Iceland, these stairwell-centered pictures show visual appreciation for functional swirls found in a variety of buildings worldwide.

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Photos from A Sutanto, Swissrock, yushimoto_02, john_coffee, Alt_Gr, and Thad Roan.