Your shots taken with the #NewFlickrCam

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Yesterday, we asked you to share your first photos taken with the new Flickr cam with us. We already want to share some of the great submissions with you.

Dunure harbour

Beautiful Day For A Football Game #newflickrcam It's coming ...

Nap Time 29 | 31 Taken while in the car

Ready for a coffee break Blackpool Sands, Devon

Mal die neue flickr App ausprobiert.

Check out what others are saying about the new Flickr cam, and download our app to try it out yourself.

Please continue tagging your photos taken with the new cam #NewFlickrCam and add them to the Flickr for iPhone group where you can also let us know if you have specific feedback. We’ll cover another selection after the weekend.

Photos from kmam, bob0sama, Puddleglum-, Cynthia Dunlavy Photography, callumbaigrie, Swami Stream, Frankenstein, ianrobins, and -c-a-b-.

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Welcome the Schlesinger Library to The Commons!


Gr-15.2-9  Give her of the fruit of her hands by Evelyn Rumsey Cary  fox_mc638_10fb.08_01  Gr-1-45


We are happy to welcome the The Schlesinger Library to The Commons. The Schlesinger Library is part of the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study at Harvard University. It documents the history of women in America, and its holdings are strongest in women’s rights and feminism; health and sexuality; and culinary history.

As part of their first publications in The Commons, you can discover wonderful Daguerreotypes, photos of Greenwich Village businesses and from the Sally Fox Collection, as well as Suffrage posters.

Help make the photographs you enjoy more discoverable by adding tags and leaving comments. Your contributions and knowledge make these photos even richer. You can check out the whole selection in their sets, and we hope you enjoy this collection as much as we do.

Photos from Schlesinger Library, RIAS, Harvard University.

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#FlickrFriday: Paper Planes

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Out Of Reach

Paper Plane Dear Jonathan


Rainy day, not today paper plane     fly     I ♥ my paperplane!

#FlickrFriday #PaperPlanes

FlickrFriday 31: Paper Planes – The Doing DSC_1172

Flickr Friday - Paper Airplanes

# Our last Flickr Friday theme was #PaperPlanes, and here is the weekly selection of your submissions.

We knew you had it in you when we announced the theme last Friday, and as you can see, we had a true paper plane festival this week with all kinds of designs. The models were ranging from beautifully folded, highly aerodynamic ones to diligently cut out examples sporting a very sophisticated appearance — among them was even an X-Wing. It is a wonderful collection and you should check out all of the photos in the Flickr Friday group.

With the new theme we want you to show us the moments when #DreamsCanComeTrue. There are many events in life that are nearly unbelievable and very precious because we never expected them to happen in the first place, or we only imagined them in our wildest fantasies. Show us what you are dreaming of or which of your dreams came true, and we’ll present a selection of your photography right here next Friday. If you find some favorites in the pool, we’d also love to see your favorites in a gallery — check out the thread for more details.

Photos from KiKiPaPa, Lens Daemmi, Michelle.Blake, kenethluna., AldoRomo88, dawn.v, marioanders, RocketDog1170, Rusgraphy, tao-of-m, and Chat-Lunatique.

#FlickrFriday is a weekly photography project that challenges your creativity. For a chance to be featured on FlickrBlog, follow @flickr on Twitter & like us on Facebook and look for the weekly theme announcement every Friday. Browse the Flickr Friday category for more.

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Making Your Photos Even More Beautiful: Flickr for iPhone Has a Brand New Camera

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The new Flickr Camera Many of our devices have been on a cycle of convergence. For example, since the introduction of the smartphone, we’ve been relying on them more and more for all our photo needs. In particular, our smartphone cameras are evolving so quickly, that the photo quality itself is getting close to parity with our digital cameras.

At Flickr, we see a growing number of photos coming from your smartphones – especially the iPhone 5, which is currently the most popular camera on Flickr. So today, we’re proud to announce a completely new photo taking experience in our Flickr App that takes full advantage of the depth of capabilities that Apple’s iPhone camera has to offer and more.

In our view, taking a photo should be an enhancement of what you’re experiencing and seeing through your device. We’ve come up with a camera that gives you full control over how your final photo looks, even before you snap the shot. Our goal is to make it effortless for you to have a beautiful result, with simple but powerful features.

Live Customizable Filters & Editing

You spoke, we listened. A lot of Flickr’s new camera features are what you’ve been asking for. We focused on making live inline filters and editing capabilities. Much of what we’ve been able to add is due to our recent addition of KitCam and the GhostBird Software team who created it.

Live Filters let you see how your photo looks while you take it. Swiping through live filters, you can choose composition grids, focus lock and exposure points to better set up your shot. Even our preview tiles let you see what your shot looks like live.

Live Filters

All of our filters are also customizable after you’ve taken the photo. You don’t have to leave the camera and lose focus on your perfectly melting ice cream shot. In addition to our magic wand, we’re adding all the advanced tools so you can enhance, crop, sharpen, balance color, use Levels, add vignette and more – for free. You now have a complete photo studio in your hands.


We’re looking forward to seeing everything that you see through your lens, and maybe some recreations of photos you’ve already shared, enhanced with some of these new features.

Download the latest version of our app and start shooting with your new Flickr camera. Tag your shots with #NewFlickrCam, and post them on Flickr, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. We will post a selection of our favorite shots on the Flickr Blog soon!

We hope that our Flickr App will become your favorite camera. If you have any questions or feedback, or encounter any bugs, please let us know in the Flickr for iPhone group.

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Standouts of silhouette photography

inside the cave looking out

the royal marines commando

Noctilucent Night

water fun

So Solemnly She Stood



Now and Then *Explored*

We noticed many distant and close captures of shadowy subjects from our community lately, and here’s a sample of beautifully outlined figures and objects in backlit scenery around the globe.

See, and share, more photos in the Sensational Silhouettes and Silhouette group.

Photos from boxed_fish, justin burt, Latyrx, Wackelaugen, Mark Humphreys, Dragan*, and Lindi m.

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Yosemite Rim Fire


California Rim Fire 26 AUG 2013

Rim Fire 2013

Yosemite wild fires, 30,000 foot view.

Nighttime View of California’s Rim Fire

Rim Fire - Summer 2013

The inferno, known as the Rim Fire and labeled the biggest wildland fire in the history of California, continues to devour acres of nationally protected landscapes and threatens thousands of structures. More than 200 square miles have already been destroyed in and around one of America’s most treasured national parks, Yosemite. Groves of giant sequoias and a reservoir that serves as a water supply for millions of people are threatened by the blaze, while 3,800 firefighters battle the growing disaster. With claims of 20% containment and firefighting costs exceeding $20 million so far, the massive fire has been spreading since it was first reported in August 17.

See more photos in the Yosemite Rim Fire gallery and Wildfire group.

Photos from gcquinn, RickHap, California National Guard, kyletait, NASA Goddard Photo and Video, and smokeshowing.

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Welcome DEXTRA Photo to The Commons!


Glittertind, aug 1962.   Freia sjokoladefabrikk

Astrup, Chr.

Hamsun (Mösvann). 81 el.18

Oslo Bølgepappfabrikk

We are proud to welcome the DEXTRA Photo Collection from Norway as our latest member of The Commons. The collection was assembled by the photographer Arne Knudsen. who started Knudsen’s Photo Center in 1958 and has throughout his career been an avid collector of photography and photographic objects. Owened by the DNB Savings Foundation and deposited at the Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology, the collection consists of about 1,8 million photos and around 6,000 photo-technical artifacts.

Besides a wide range of vernacular photography, primarily from the 20th century, it consists of extensive photographic material from Knudsen’s own business in Knudsens Fotosenter from the period between 1958 and 2005. Other notable photographers are Teigens Fotoatelier, specializing in architectural photography, Paul A. Røstad, concentrating on social landscapes and agricultural images, and Anders Beer Wilse, who is considered one of the most important Norwegian photographers of all time.

The focus is squarely on commercial photography within the fields of architectural, industrial, fashion, theatre, product and portraiture. As a result the collection is a rich source not only to the cultural history of the 20th century, but also to understanding the industry and business of photography itself.

Help make the photographs you enjoy more discoverable by adding tags and leaving comments. Your contributions and knowledge make these photos even richer. You can check out the whole selection in their sets, and we hope you enjoy this collection as much as we do.

Photos from DEXTRA Photo.

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Canada’s busker festivals

David Boelee

Scotiabank BuskerFest, Toronto, ON


169/200 - Johnman plates2

Buskerfest 2013

Buskerfest Toronto 2013 Ottawa Buskerfest 2013

Buskerfest 4

Buskerfest Toronto

During the summer season, Canada hosts festivals showcasing hundreds of street performers, including the charitable BuskerFest held in Toronto. Attending photographers had a field day capturing the excitement and action.

See, and share, more photos in the Busker Festivals 2013 gallery and Street Performers group.

Photos from Ben Roffelsen, Snuffy, John Tavares Jr, jeffcbowen, tianafeng, J. Yeaman, photothiel, DavidIanJohnson, and Justin3.14.

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Wildlife portraits

Also available in: Français


Vaca escocesa

Butterflies in my garden. Peacock "Explore"

Extreme Close Up

What is this?

Bighorn Sheep (Mouflon Canadien)

Morning Mist

From colorful insects to curious mammals, creatures of all kinds pop up in Explore, and it’s always a joy to see them so eloquently captured in pictures.

See, and share, more animal photos in the Wildlife Portraiture gallery and Ultimate Wildlife Photography group.

Photos from Kulu40, serezade1, favmark1, Kutub Uddin, Kerri Lee Smith, Sébastien Mamy, and Doug Dance Nature Photography.

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#FlickrFriday: The Final Frontier

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You're so spacial.

Getting ready to wear shoes again Star, TheFinalFrontier

Edge of the forest, The Final Frontier

20 - Aug - 2013 - The Final Frontier TheFinalFrontier

最後的邊界 The Final Frontier

# Our last Flickr Friday theme was #TheFinalFrontier, and here is the weekly selection of your submissions.

A characteristic trait that makes us all human is to explore and strive to reach above and beyond. Whether this is shown on TV when Kirk, Picard, Sisco, Janeway and their crews boldly go where no-one has gone before, or personal challenges in our daily life, we always strive to extend our knowledge and learn new things, to surpass limitations and overcome our personal boundaries, to develop ourselves.

You shared photos of your challenges and frontiers you breached through. You painted with light and colors, interpreting the theme in a more abstract way, and you explored ideas and inventions that help humanity go beyond what was the accepted reality for centuries. Explore all of your submissions for this theme in the Flickr Friday group.

The new Flickr Friday theme takes us back to our childhood. Do you remember the first time you were taught how to make a paper plane and let it soar through the air? We want you to remember and are already looking forward to your #PaperPlanes, no matter if you catch them in the making, while flying or in any other state that fits the theme. Happy handicrafting! We’ll present the next selection of photos right here next Friday.

Photos from Ángela Burón, Bente.Basel, Ellie Skye, Janice!, Pittypomm, Aloog2013, and TKBou.

#FlickrFriday is a weekly photography project that challenges your creativity. For a chance to be featured on Flickr Blog, follow @flickr on Twitter & like us on Facebook and look for the weekly theme announcement every Friday. Browse the Flickr Friday category for more.

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