Your Best Shot 2013

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In our best annual tradition, we want to invite you to celebrate your “best” shots of the year with us. We hope that you’ll review the last year and share a photo in Your Best Shot 2013 with the Flickrverse.

It can be the photo or video that most expresses your growth as a photographer, captures that special moment, or simply is your all-year favorite. It’s as simple as that!

We’ll be featuring a few of our favorites here on FlickrBlog over the coming weeks. Check out these discussion topics in Flickr Central and past years’ groups for a look back at 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012.

Illustration from Yao Liu.

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#FlickrFriday: On The Sunny Side

Nova Scotia Icon

sea interrupted On the sunny side

Poor Man's Fisheye Selfie


Low Winter Sun | Onthesunnyside | FlickrFriday

on the sunny side Milène baignée de lumière

into the clouds

Untitled On the Sunny Side

morning Skye FlickrFriday: #OnTheSunnySide

In the field On the sunny side

Flickr Friday - On the sunny side

Sun and Rain

pufferpond- 26 - November - 2013:  On the Sunny Side

On The Sunny Side

# Our last Flickr Friday theme was #OnTheSunnySide. This is a selection of our favorites from your submissions.

In Flickr Friday we like to imagine that the weekly selection of our favorites is a storyboard fulfilled by many different and interesting stories. Today, you shared with us beautiful photos from what you consider where the sunny side in life is. Children playing, water flowing, quiet places and big smiles were a few of your entries. Nature, always working as one of the essentials, brought us through different states of mind. Feel free to enjoy and share more of this full great coverage in the Flickr Friday group pool.

Have a look over your galleries of favorites, check them out and start sharing yours with us.

For our new theme we want you to keep your eyes wide open because we want it to be festive and sticky. #CatchyColors might be found just around the corner like your garden or workplace. Take the advantage of light and shoot over that electrical feeling of being attracted to your favorite colors or even patterns. Share your shots with us in the Flickr Friday group. The selection of the week, will be showcased right here on the Flickr blog. Make it even more fun, reteweet us or share our status so you can invite your friends to take part of the challenge.

Photos from Rodger Evans, Laurarama, Pankha Nikon, Emre Kanick, Zsuzsi Dörgő, Paul Kitchener, [m.keller], emilie turnes, Oxana Doroshkevich, Alli Day, Tom Landretti, A-J Thursby, Melinda, Louise Garin, Olivier Mat., MFrance, GreG, george pennington, Ash if, and CoolMcFlash.

#FlickrFriday is a weekly photography project that challenges your creativity. For a chance to be featured on FlickrBlog, follow @flickr on Twitter & like us on Facebook and look for the weekly theme announcement every Friday. Browse the Flickr Friday category for more.

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Giving Thanks

The Bird

We wish all of you celebrating the occasion a Happy Thanksgiving!


Photos from Jared Atkins and Amanda Mae Bird.

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#TwitterTuesday: Lens Flare

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Natural Beauty

Holding Up the Sun Ford Fairlane

Sigur Rós

 The traveling voyeur: from the car.

Out of darkness. Into the light. IMG_0488 Through The Trees

Sunset beside Mauna Kea 3 Red Rock Sun

Last rays

Big Sur Lodge The Crystals


Hung Up Marilyn, in the sun

121/365 George Washington Bridge at Sunset

Some consider the hero of this week’s theme an error, others do all they can to achieve it. You shared some stunning lens flare photos with us yesterday, and here’s the selection of some of our favorites.

We thank everyone who submitted a photo. You can check out all of them and follow us on Twitter to see the next challenge directly in your feed. We will be back next Tuesday with the new #TwitterTuesday theme.

Photos from Raymond Larose, Mike F., Garret Voight, _jwong, Coca Pentzke, Xabier Alonso, manganlundin, Isabelle Engler, freshtables, cokeclsc, RitaRose1945, cbrutel, MelissaCamille, allophile, jfwphoto, rob orchard, DerickCarss, and mistergalaxy.

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Baltimore Wedding Party

Ashby & Eph's Baltimore Wedding Party

Photo from I Shot Baltimore.

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Congrats to the Flickr Calendar 2014 winners!

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More than 1,300 of you submitted around 3,000 pictures, and more than 20,000 votes were recorded, which created a short list of 10 finalists per country. The result: 12 winning pictures from four different European countries that will be featured in Flickr’s 2014 European calendar.

Without further ado, here are the selected winners:

For France, Shin新Rico, SANDIE BESSO, and Basa Jauna:

Just cross. Paris by night Sous ma fenetre 1

For Germany DerRebby, Marius Vieth, and NEWS: the flow s(l)ideshow:

Tschüss, Sommer... Urban Lights | Day 39/365 detail, berlin...

For Spain wang-lu, hipòlit_pascual, and chukiast:

Reloj especular barcelona_The Universe is moving 

And for the UK Donna_Tzaneva, TBSteve, and Romek✈︎Samolot:

London setting later-afternoon Sun-set-rise The End of Vacations

According to the juries, the winning pictures celebrate the beauty, the interestingness, and even the mundane of our daily views of the streets in Europe.

To read more about the contest and see all the other photos, visit the Flickr Calendar 2014 group.

We thank all the participants, voters and – of course – congratulate the twelve winners!

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Your Best Shot 2013 is just around the corner

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sick fearless bastard

Against the Dawn The Sushi on the Belt Goes Round and Round...

one fish, two fish...

Ha iniziato a nevicare Sunset at Venice Beach Basketball Courts - Los Angeles CA

What started as a FlickrCentral discussion in 2007, has grown into a wonderful annual tradition, Your Best Shot.

We’re currently in the last stages of preparation, and since we know that the selection is always the hardest part, we wanted to give you a head-start and invite you to already take a look at your photos taken since January.

Stay tuned, Your Best Shot 2013 will open its doors this Sunday, the 1st of December.

Photos from Crazy Ivory, Mark Griffith, photofiend358, •Sarah P•, Francesca Sara Cauli, and ChrisGoldNY.

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Family Secret Leads Photographer on Unexpected Journey

Street photographer Zun Lee, known on Flickr as eudæmon, has always been attracted to capturing images of parents and children. Whether it’s conscious or subconscious, he’s drawn to these moments – specifically fathers and sons. For Zun, exploring this relationship is deeply personal, especially after learning a family secret that changed his life forever.

"In 2004, I learned that I was the offspring of a black man," says Zun. "It was a bit of a surprise. I didn’t know about this until much later in life. Basically my mom had a brief romantic relationship with a black man. When she told him she was pregnant with me, he disappeared."

Father Figure Project: Against All Odds

Father Figure Project: Joe and Miqo

Zun’s Korean mother moved to Germany in the 1960s. After he was born, she married a Korean journalist and they both raised him. Throughout Zun’s life, despite their problematic relationship, his stepfather was the only father he had known. This new revelation not only shocked him, but left him extremely hurt.

"There was a lot of anger, resentment and confusion on my part," Zun admits. "But it was easy for me to hang on to that hurt and not deal with it. Because for me, as long as I could project my feelings of resentment onto a negative stereotype, I could conveniently push it aside and say, ‘I guess I’m just part of the absent black father narrative myself, so what else is new?’"

Father Figure Project: The World Out There

Father Figure Project - Billy and Esmeralda

Zun grew up to become a doctor, but still had lingering questions and thoughts about his identity. Over time, in an effort to understand that stigma of black fatherhood, he began to explore and dissect it.

"It’s a very polarizing discussion," says Zun. "When we talk about black fathers, the imagery associated is that they’re irresponsible, they’re absent, they’re deadbeats and not willing to pick up their share of personal responsibility. The examples to counter the negative stereotypes are Dr. Cliff Huxtable or even Barack Obama. It’s one or the other. There’s very little about the everyday dad who may not be perfect, but is still a part of his child’s life."

Standing Our Ground

Father Figure Project: Decisions Decisions

It’s this idea that set off the theme of his latest work – Father Figure, an exploration into the lives of real black fathers. Zun wanted to delve into the lives of men who made the choice to be active participants in the lives of their children – in a sense, go beyond the stereotype.

"I wanted to show very authentic, true moments of fatherhood," Zun says. "But I also saw an opportunity to find a connection or resolution to the feelings that I had towards the father I’ve never known."

For All It's Worth

Father Figure Project: Lanae's Arrival

In the beginning, finding the kind of fathers Zun was looking for wasn’t easy. He didn’t have a specific image in mind – solely because he wanted to break away from common stereotypes. Zun spoke to hundreds of fathers and eventually found five families to work with on a long term basis.

"In order for me to get the images that I wanted – that for me would refute the stereotype – I knew I would really have to imbed myself into the lives of these families," Zun says. "So what that meant was, for a period of time, I had to live with them for several days or several weeks so they would get used to me being around."

Happy New Year

Daddy's Love

During this time, Zun witnessed many things that caused him to rethink his preconceived notions of fatherhood.

"I had a lot of assumptions about what it meant to be a good father and a bad father," Zun admits. "A lot of these assumptions were shattered just by being in the presence of these fathers – just observing how they parent. A lot of them had very difficult situations but yet they still found a way to make fatherhood work for them," Zun says. "It might not be the Dr. Cliff Huxtable sense or the Barack Obama sense, but nonetheless they’re there. They’re present and their families appreciate their presence."

Father Figure Project: Fly on the Wall and Other Misnomers

Father Figure Project: Angels in Disguise

Zun saw evidence of that appreciation and devotion simply through the eyes of their loved ones.

"When the fathers are around the kids are really upbeat and happy," Zun admits. "And for me that was a big lesson learned in sort of not just focus on fathers, but focus on the fatherly interaction. The fatherly emotion that gets reflected in the families overall. I think the most important thing about fatherhood for the children is the knowledge that they matter. And that is the most important aspect that I try to capture."

Father Figure Project: One Nation Under God

Upper Cut

But at times, emotions touched close to home. Zun had difficulty balancing the role of photographer versus the man who never experienced love from his real father.

"It was tough," Zun admits. "Being around these families who were so forthcoming with love and affection, brought up a lot of emotions from the things I never experienced as a child." Zun adds, "Remembering to press the shutter at certain times was not necessarily the easiest thing to do."

Father Figure Project: The Art of Manliness

Father Figure Project: Love and Unity

One of those moments (and one of his favorite pictures of the series) was with the very first father he photographed, James Reynolds from Harlem, NY.

"James was teaching his son how to tie a bowtie," Zun recalls. "And his son had never done that before. So James tied a bowtie himself and sort of mirrored that behavior to his son. He [James] told his son to follow his footsteps, and it led to a moment where the son is trying to tie a bowtie. And you could see the father hovering behind in the mirror looking at his son… and kind of watching if he gets it right or not."

"Personally it was difficult because nobody taught me how to tie a bowtie," Zun admits. "So again it was sort of—here’s something that I wish my father would have helped me with. And so that was very symbolic for me."

Father Figure Project: Family Secrets

Father Figure Project: One Step At A Time

In the end, Zun’s project was an eye opener; allowing him to witness and capture the reality of African-American fatherhood today.

"All the fathers I profiled take their responsibilities seriously and go about their business very quietly," Zun learned. "I saw the everyday father that’s doing something every day to be there for his kids. It basically shattered the stereotype; which is exactly what I wanted to show."

Father Figure - The Project

Father Figure Project: Home Is Where The Heart Is

Witnessing so many fathers trying the best they can be, also led Zun toward the path of forgiveness and redemption about his own.

"Each of the fathers that I photographed could have been my father," Zun says, "But at the end of the day, for me personally, it wasn’t about whether I wanted to meet the man that I didn’t know existed. It was about resolving how I felt about the situation and the decisions he made. And ultimately just forgiving myself even for having certain preconceived notions about him. And for hanging onto that resentment for so long. I think this project more than anything else helped me be on that path."

The project also encouraged Zun to think about himself and his own desire to possibly become a father someday. "I think I’m much more confident now that I not only want to be a father but also that I would be a terrific one."

Father Figure Project: The World in her Hands

Take a look at Zun’s photostream to see more of his photography, and visit his website to find out more about Zun Lee.

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#FlickrFriday: Creative Commons

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358 Slalom

Fall has finally arrived in Texas! Back In Your Love


quiet morning london park hungry?


44 - feeling my age | CreativeCommons | FlickrFriday IMG_2501

Kitzsteinhorn 1

# Our previous Flickr Friday theme was #CreativeCommons, and here are our favorites from your submissions.

It was a completely free theme were you were in charge of what you capture as long as you are cool with releasing it under a Creative Commons license. We saw a multitude of contributions, from landscapes to life events, from portraits to pets, from food to festivals, and from leaves to light trails. There are many more themes you can discover in the Flickr Friday group pool. Thank you for all your contributions to the ever growing pool of easy to use Creative Commons photos. Don’t forget to visit the discussion thread showcasing your favorites.

We know winter is getting closer on the Northern Hemisphere, so for our next theme we want you to remember that it’s always good to stay warm and #OnTheSunnySide. Either if you take the chance of waking up early to catch the first ray of light or just playing with the lights and shades that you find along your day. Share the brightest side of your shots with us. Our favorites of the week will be showcased right here on Flickr Blog next week.

Photos from RodgerCEvans, Ms.Kimberly_B, KatieZil03, svenvantveer, Muhammad Ashiq, notarim, _sanguine_, Aloog2013, MatthewFRC, vitaminbea (Focus), and hkanins.

#FlickrFriday is a weekly photography project that challenges your creativity. For a chance to be featured on FlickrBlog, follow @flickr on Twitter & like us on Facebook and look for the weekly theme announcement every Friday. Browse the Flickr Friday category for more.

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The abandoned city of Pripyat

Pripyat Sign

View over Pripyat School (I)

Pripyat - Music School

On April 26th, 1986, one of the two worst nuclear disasters in human history (the other being the Fukushima Daiichi disaster) took place at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in the then Soviet Union.

26 years later, the 30km exclusion zone surrounding the power plant is still one of the most radioactively contaminated areas in the world and will remain uninhabitable for the foreseeable future.

In May and October 2012, СмdяСояd visited the Chernobyl exclusion zone to take the eerie, but at the same time moving photographs you see above. When the authorities finally evacuated the area, people were told they could presumably return after just three days, which is why most residents left their personal belongings behind. Despite the decay, it almost feels like the city of Pripyat that nearly 50,000 people once called their home has been frozen in time.

Many other photos showing different locations of Pripyat, including a school, a hospital, the "Palace of Culture" and urban scenery can be found in СмdяСояd‘s set Chernobyl & Pripyat.

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