Birds of prey

Bald Eagle (Explored)

Barn Owl

Trick or Treat ~ Great Horned Owl



Great Horned Owl Chicks

100 Eagles Nest

African Fish Eagle

Takeaway Fish Supper


Hovering kestrel

Predatory birds, known as raptors, are popular photo subjects for many of you, and among the widely appreciated species are the wild owls, hawks, and eagles. In a simple search for birds-of-prey photography, you’ll find them all in a variety of activities, from apprehensively staring to swooping for supper to nest building.

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Photos from lenny100*, chrysoptera, Mark Schwall, Russell Savory, seddeg, Mike Bader, terrence.peck, wbirt1, Billy Currie, Jaime Dillen-Seibel, and Wouter’s Wildlife Photography.