Immersed in fog

The Beast of Darkness is spreading out

October Fog

Never a swan when you need one

the fog-bow

Wurmlinger Chapel rising from Early-Autumn Morning Mist [Explored 2013-09-26]

Magic Kingdom

Un mare di nebbia

Mointain Fog

alba d'autunno

Many of you are experts in capturing those spectacular scenes of low-lying clouds. From strands of mist lining mountain slopes to hilltop chapels barely above blankets of fog to haze snaking through valleys, the foggy atmosphere adds welcomed mystique to all sorts of environments.

See, and share, more photography in the Fog Immersions gallery and Fog and Rain group.

Photos from Manuel.Martin_72, D.H. Parks, Kevin Day, eDDie_TK, Michael Mehl, andywon, Massimo Feliziani, dsovercash, and lorenzo sgalippa.

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World Heritage Site: Huascaran National Park

Trek Santa Cruz (Ancash), RTW 2013

201307 - Cordillera Blanca

Do you have words for this?

the way to Laguna Churup 4485m con el Nevado Churup 5495m al fondo


Pastoruri Glacier, Ancash Region, Peru

Glaciar Pastoruri-Parque Nacional Huascarán

Puya raimondii

Many of Peru’s most picturesque mountains and natural landmarks reside in the Ancash Region’s Huascaran National Park. Designated as a World Heritage Site in 1985, you’ll find an abundance of remote lakes, glaciers, and the spiky endemic plant Puya raimondii.

Do you want more pictures from this location? Visit the Huascaran National Park gallery and Peru Wonders group.

Photos from ana_ge, Steve Behaeghel, Felipe Roos, twiga269 ॐ FEMENTasiulairam, brianwlackey, @Rsan, and inyucho.

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Hello, My Name Is.....

Playing Tag

Ear tag, name tag, playing tag… whether it’s a farm animal, a person, or simply who’s next when chasing over the playground. Tags help us identify what’s around us, and the same holds true for the thousands of photos uploaded to Flickr every day. They are our memories and impressions, and adding tags does not only help others find our photos (assuming you’re sharing your photos as public), equally important, they help us find our photos after years to come.

A good example is the tag me that a lot of us are using to mark photos depicting ourselves. It’s a very simply way of making sure you can still find that amazing self-portrait you took a couple of months back. Tags can be general like portrait, street or architecture, but they can also be far more specific like Syringa vulgaris, Lucanus servus or Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream (you can use quotation marks to link words together to make them one tag).

It’s not just about me

You clearly know where we’re heading, and as you can see a tag can be anything that’s meaningful to you or others. If another photographer allows it, you can even help them to better categorize their images, and our Commons institutions in particular invite you to add tags (and comments) to their photos for valuable insights about locations and subjects in their photos.

So why not set yourself a goal to add a handful of tags to your future uploads? We’re sure it will pay off and you’ll see the benefits in no time, as tags, titles and descriptions are invaluable when looking for and sharing content with others.

Photos from newspaper_guy Mike Orazzi, Mr-Wild, and Bruce McKay Yellow Snow Photography.

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Architecture of atriums

Leica X2

Sky scape

Architecture Porn

Casa Batlló

The Cruise Ship’s Atrium

Grand Hyatt Spirals

スカイフォール Skyfall

The architectural crux of monumental buildings, and also cruise ships, culminates in the atrium. It’s that central space presenting the grand display of design concepts, and it often features mesmerizing glass shapes and floor cadences. Here is a small sample of the extraordinary architecture of atriums captured in well-balanced photos, leading with architect Tom Wright’s design inside the Burj Al Arab in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

View, and share, more architectural photography in the Atrium Architecture gallery and Atriums group.

Photos from andrewXu, Ol’ 1 eye, Doug Knisely, Ganymede2009, 75Central, hugociss, and Takashi K. A.

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Young photographer: “Photography was a form of therapy; probably saved my life.”

Creating art is therapeutic for Christian Hopkins, known on Flickr as Capt. Truffles. He embraces surreal photography as an outlet to release his depression.

“I’ve always had demons I’m battling against — just some really, negative thoughts,” the now 20-year-old tells The Weekly Flickr in the accompanying video. “Photography has been a therapy for me, because it’s given me control over my emotions in a way that I never had before.”

It was never part of Christian’s plan to become a photographer. A few years ago, his mom bought him a high-end point-and-shoot camera for a trip to China. Out of guilt, not passion, he unwillingly began to take pictures. But after some time, Christian developed an interest in photography and his perspective changed.

Another Cliche Butterfly Picture

“I slowly began seeing the world through my lens and not my eyes — both literally and figuratively,” Christian says. “I’d look for interesting compositions, complimentary colors and contrasting lines. I soon discovered I had an innate selfishness for the world. I would see something I thought to be beautiful, and I would want to take it home with me. All of a sudden, I became ‘that guy’ taking pictures of almost everything, wishing to fortify my collection of beauty.”

Unfortunately a few months later, Christian’s new found euphoria changed to what he describes as a black void. He woke up one morning, and nothing was satisfying to him. He felt everything seemed so pointless and wanted it all to end.

30/365 (Denial)

(5/30) Corruption

“To put it simply, I tried to kill myself,” Christian says. “There was no reason for it. There was no explanation. No warning or a trigger. I just couldn’t stand living the way I was; just waking up to go to sleep and sleeping to wake up.”

At the time, Christian’s doctors and therapists couldn’t discern whether he was bipolar, suffered from anxiety, depression or some hybrid of the three. They finally diagnosed him with Severe Affective Disorder, and he spent three months in a psychiatric ward.



“Everything disappeared into that black void,” Christian recalls. “The photography, the beauty — all gone. It was a moment where all priorities and inclinations of the future just dropped. There was no thought or creation at all.”

Photography didn’t gradually come back into Christian’s life, rather it was a sudden transition when he returned to high school. After missing the first half of his senior year, Christian was required to do a senior project. Given his rough year, Christian wanted to find something that didn’t require talking or being around people. It was during this time that Christian discovered Flickr.



“I came across these stunning self-portraits of these really talented artists,” Christian says. “But it wasn’t just the photography. All these pictures advanced beyond ‘finding’ a beautiful moment and were really about ‘creating’ a beautiful moment. It’s something I never thought about before and it gave me a sense of direction.”



Christian decided to center his senior project around photography; trying to create beautiful moments. At first, he began to take selfies of himself, trying to imitate a lot of the art he’d seen on Flickr. After awhile, it started to evolve into something bigger.

“Instead of trying to create a cool image,” Christian says, “I made each photograph represent a manifestation of some specific demon that I needed to purge from myself before its corruption became unbearable. It’s the pain that drove me. It was the pain that inspired me. Ultimately, my photography became a form of therapy.”



Christian found it incredibly relieving — creating an image based on a haunting emotion and staring at it through his photography. He felt liberated; almost as if he finally was in control of himself.

“Creating this image and knowing that I have the control to choose what it looks like,” Christian explains. “To decide whether it’s happy or sad, positive or negative. I choose what it looks like, and it’s my choice. That control was the therapy for me. It gave me a sense of closure, even.”

Inner Demons

One of his favorite images is titled Inner Demons. It shows a picture of a subject’s back with hands and faces emerging from it. Apart from the technical and visual aspects of the photograph, Christian admires it because it accurately expresses his feelings.

“I’m always struggling to define my emotions to gain this control over them,” Christian says. “And this picture, you don’t ever have to have felt that emotion before. But you get it. You understand that struggle and its power.”

(19/19) The Mirror of Erised: A Probably Never to be Finished Work in Progress but I Don't Want to Feel like I Wasted My Time so Here It Is.


Christian is still struggling with depression on a daily basis; an ongoing battle that has good days and bad.

“I would love to say that I’ve been getting better,” he admits. “If you asked others, perhaps that’s what they would say. But behind my eyes, I’m still not sure. Fortunately, my photos recently have been less dominated by such a negative force and are starting to be replaced with a fascination of creating worlds and enhancing reality.”



While Christian’s mental and emotional state may be heightened at different intervals, he says photography has been an excellent tool in reminding him how human he is – that we all are. “I’ll often, very often, fail,” Christian admits. “I may be sad or I may be crushed by failure, but I’ll never regret it. Because from every failure, I’ve learned something, which makes it worth it.”

“Now that I actually think about it, it’s probably Flickr that ended up saving me at the time,” Christian admits. “Before I actually started, I couldn’t imagine myself with photography. And now, I can’t imagine what I would do throughout the day if I didn’t have photography in my life.”

(16/30) A Good Day for an Adventure

Visit Christian’s photostream to see more of his photography.

Previous episode: Few can tell if this artist’s work are paintings or photographs. Can you?

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#FlickrFriday: Euphoria

Also available in: Français

What A Day To Explode

keep your memories but keep your powder dry too for FlickrFriday: #Euphoria


Enjoying the Sun - "Euphoria" Euphoria.

pottery village' children

Euphoria Stolberg (Harz) Desire

Sweet Euphoria - Day 302/365

euphoria DSC_0143


one fine day... #Euphoria [Explored]

#Our last Flickr Friday theme was #Euphoria. This is a selection of our favorites from your submissions.

People and places make us escape into a dream of happiness, it’s what we call euphoria. From the exciting feeling of facing real speed to enjoying the freedom of being surrounded by autumn leafs and the innocence of a happy face in good spirits, you showed us a glimpse of those very special moments. Enjoy and share more of this great feeling in the Flickr Friday group pool.

After checking out our selection above, enjoy your galleries of euphoric favorites.

Our new theme may bring back memories of a sparkling love story. Show us the right way to have a #BreakfastAtTiffanys. Perhaps you would like to make us experience an elegant, glamorous love story, or show us the real look behind the glass. Pick up your camera, start shooting the real sparkle of life, and share your shots with the Flickrverse in the Flickr Friday group. The selection of our favorites, will be showcased right here on the FlickrBlog next Friday. Be sure to invite your friends to take part in the challenge – you know, the more, the merrier! It can be as simple as retweeting us or sharing our post.

Photos from Matteo Dunchi, Mathilda la Mouette, Melinda, Katie Zilcosky, Maxime G, Steffi Au, Ann Huy, Miss Martins, Hänsel & Gretel, Holly Hildreth, Steven Guzzardi, Frodl2010, Ranjatiana R., _palmera_, Laurarama, and Jan A..

#FlickrFriday is a weekly photography project that challenges your creativity. For a chance to be featured on FlickrBlog, follow @flickr on Twitter & like us on Facebook and look for the weekly theme announcement every Friday. Browse the Flickr Friday category for more.

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Cover Photo Galore

Also available in: Français

When we introduced cover photos a bit less than six months ago, we were happy to see how quickly many of you embraced the chance to customize your profile even further than ever before possible.

Beaches, patterns, cityscapes and people are just a few of the many possibilities to make your photostream your own. If you haven’t done so already, update your cover photo and show the Flickrverse who you are – it won’t take longer than 3 minutes:

      1. Open your photostream,

      2. Hover over the cover photo, and

      3. Click on "Edit cover photo" in the top right.

      4. Select a safe photo from your photostream (or upload a new one you’ve taken),

      5. Choose a crop by dragging the photo within the cover area, and you’re done.

We’re looking forward to seeing your favorite cover photos over in Flickr Central, and will share some of your favorites right here on FlickrBlog soon.

Cover photos from antimega, Marius Vieth, Lara Alegre, saimad, tedd4u, Marcelo Montecino, alexseville, deeverse, waferbaby, and joannablu kitchener.

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Birds of prey

Also available in: Français

Bald Eagle (Explored)

Barn Owl

Trick or Treat ~ Great Horned Owl



Great Horned Owl Chicks

100 Eagles Nest

African Fish Eagle

Takeaway Fish Supper


Hovering kestrel

Predatory birds, known as raptors, are popular photo subjects for many of you, and among the widely appreciated species are the wild owls, hawks, and eagles. In a simple search for birds-of-prey photography, you’ll find them all in a variety of activities, from apprehensively staring to swooping for supper to nest building.

See, and share, more photos in the Birds of Prey gallery and Birds Photos group.

Photos from lenny100*, chrysoptera, Mark Schwall, Russell Savory, seddeg, Mike Bader, terrence.peck, wbirt1, Billy Currie, Jaime Dillen-Seibel, and Wouter’s Wildlife Photography.

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Flickr Calendar 2014: Your vote counts!

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Dieciséis Una habitación con vistas

Urban Lights | Day 39/365

More than 3,000 impressive shots of streets, flowers, bicycles and many other themes that capture the beautiful, everyday details of European life in your streets and landscapes — these are the results of the first phase of the Flickr Calendar Project 2014.

A few weeks ago, we asked you to submit your best photos meeting the criteria to be part of the Flickr Calendar 2014 “In the street – Europe in detail”. And we were excited by the great submissions. As our jury is spoilt for choice, we need your help to create our country shortlists for France, Germany, Spain and the U.K.!

Let us know what your favorites are and which shots you want to see in the pan-European Flickr calendar. The voting page is available until this Sunday, November 10. Aside from discovering secret and beautiful places of Europe within all these great photos, you can help your favorite photographers get one of the amazing prizes offered. There will be three winners from every participating country.

Seize your chance and vote now! We’re looking forward to see your favorites.

Photos from TBSteve, josemanuelerre, Foto Pau, and Marius Vieth.

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Subjects in the shadows

Accident Prone

Mallard Magic

The Catch

Sunset silhouettes at Sombrio

End of the day

Sunset over Kings

Scenery with shadowy figures and foregrounds.

See, and share, more photos in the Silhouette Photography gallery and Silhouette group.

Photos from Fire At Will, imageClear, monodrift, Scott Robertson, Shubh M Singh, and Mark Peers.

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