What’s new at night

A river reflecting city lights, the Milky Way seen at 10,000 feet, fireflies in the woods — so many enticing moments at night have been well captured lately by these notable photographers located around the world.

“Köln [Cologne], Germany, and the Rhine river. Hohenzollernbrücke is the bridge in the foreground with the Kölner Dom and Musical Dome to the right. View is from the east side of the river.” – kanaristm

“Haleakalā Crater is located in Maui. The observation building (light painted), seen in the bottom of this picture is at 10,000 feet.” – westrock-bob

“This is a view back over London Bridge (thankfully not falling down!) to the Shard and Southwark. I wanted to try and create a sense of peace in this shot — it’s such a hectic area of London that any moment of tranquility is precious. 1 minute 40 second exposure with a big-old shift in the white balance.” – Al Richardson

“The night fog descends on the hills surrounding Ribadesella [Spain] …” – Jose Manuel Rodriguez

“Photographed in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park [North Carolina and Tennessee].” – Bernie Kasper

Yangmei Town, Taiwan.

New York by night
Mihai AndritoiuNew York by night

Manhattan, New York City, skyline.

Şehzade Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey.

“The China Customs building (left) and Ping An Insurance building (right) bow in reverence before the Pearl of the Orient Tower, Shanghai’s modern landmark.” – Markus Bahlmann

View of Sugarloaf Mountain from Praia Vermelha, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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