Happy ‘Roid Week, Flickr!


It’s the most wonderful time… of the year. It’s ‘Roid Week of course!

Today begins the week-long celebration of lovely, tactile, instant film photography. Join in the fun by tweeting your favorite instant shots @Flickr with the hashtag #roidweek, and add your photos to the ‘Roid Week Flickr group.

And please be respectful of the rules in the group so the Admins don’t have to be heavy amid all the fun. (So no Faux-laroids, no more than 2 photos a day, new photos to Flickr, etc.)

Though it’s just begun, there are already a number of lovely shots that caught our eye, including those in this blog post. Happy shooting!

when the lights go down...
Roid week 15
Bodie Methodist Church
Roid Week Day One - Seeing Double