Flickr Friday: #Flying

Although we human beings don’t have wings, we still could be flying into the air, by the assistance of some magical machines, or just by our mind.

This is the theme for our #FlickrFriday this week: #Flying.

Flickr Friday: #Voice Selectiions

The theme for #FlickrFriday last week was #Voice. So many interesting photos were submitted into our group. You showed us so many kinds of voice, from whisper, singing, to loud shout out. It is not so easy to transform the sound into a visual form, but you still done that so good.

Flickr Friday: #Voice

From soft whispers to loud shout, #voice is so amazing to us. It is not only an important media to convey what we feel and think. but also a form of art.

Take your best shot for this week’s Flickr Friday, and share it to our Flickr Friday group pool. We will feature our faves in the Flickr blog in the next week.