Flickr Friday: #Superman

Almost everyone dreams of having a superpower that lets us do what others can’t: flying super fast, moving heavy things without toughing them, or maybe just saving the world. We may not a superman or superwoman in real world, but we can create the images with our cameras.

Flickr Friday:「單車」#Bicycle 佳作選集

上周 #FlickrFriday 的徵圖主題是「單車」#Bicycle,我們收到比過去多了不少的投稿作品,可能是因為單車非常普及,大家都有,所以投稿作品大增吧!非常高興許多 Flickr 好朋友將這個日常生活中常見的物品,發揮各自的想像力和創意,拍出許多令我們大開眼界的作品,也邀大家一同欣賞!