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The Secret Life of Gummy Bears

Stuck in the Middle with You

It’s no secret around our office that I have an innate and unflinching affinity for anything sugar. But in all of my years as a cultivated candy connoisseur, I’ve never considered the mayhem that can be bred from a seemingly innocent mix of gelatin and water placed to process in bear-shaped molds. But the evidence is everywhere, as unearthed by brave and diligent Flickr reporters:


In retrospect, we should have seen this coming. Think about it: How many times have you torn off one of their heads and glued them back together –- sometimes on their kin?


Since we don’t know how many gummy bears have actually been released into the world, there’s just one immediate solution: Eat them –- as many and as fast as humanly possible. It’s not too late.

Photos from furiousgeorge81, Latente ∞ "Oggi immanentizzo l’ Eschaton", visio0815, and de jäck Mamsäll.

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