We had a call today with the Library of Congress team to catch up on what had happened overnight with The Commons pilot project. There was a lot of laughter as we shared stories about watching all the activity overnight, and frankly, none of us could quite fathom how fantastic the response to the pilot has been.

In the 24 hours after we launched, you added over 4,000 unique tags across the collection (about 19,000 tags were added in total, for example, “Rosie the Riveter” has been added to 10 different photos so far). You left just over 500 comments (most of which were remarkably informative and helpful), and the Library has made a ton of new friends (almost overwhelming the email account at the Library, thanks to all the “Someone has made you a contact” emails)!

I’ve never been one to count my chickens, but that’s brilliant!

Eddie O'Keefe (LOC)
Ed Geers (LOC)[Bob Bescher, Cincinnati, NL (baseball)] (LOC)

  1. About Eddie O’Keefe, indiamos tells us “The text to the right of his legs is


    The Sommer Studio of Philadelphia took other boxers’ portraits, as well. See two more (of Tommy Glavin and Willie Moody) at”

  2. It’sGreg says “Ed Geers was purported to be the first man to win a sulky race using a sulky with pneumatic tires.”
  3. Well-known baseball fanatic artolog knows that “[Bob Bescher] held the NL single-season stolen base record (81 in 1911) until Maury Wills broke it in 1962.”

Sincerely, thank you. This bodes well.