Blurb photo book contest

'A punter' absorbs some madness     Zadie and her Blurb Book

The Blurb Book of Honeymoon Photos Arrived    Photo 52

Our friends at Blurb, the site where you can make photo books with your Flickr photos, have kicked off a “self-published photo book” contest, called [Photography.Book.Now].

By Blurb’s count, more than 800 books have already been created by the Flickr community, including group photo projects from Through the Viewfinder and Swiss Peeks. Whether as a group or individual, you can enter a book through July 14, 2008, with the awards ceremony taking place in San Francisco on Friday, September 12, 2008. (You can enter any book you’ve self-published, not only Blurb books, you’ll just need to use the offline entry form.)

If you are interested in browsing the books your fellow Flickr members have created, the Flickr book category in Blurb’s bookstore is a good place to start, or visit Blurb’s Flickr group for more information.

Photos by Strawbleu™, cheeso, Casa de Woof and uberwert.