Solar particles and Northern Lights on Tuesday night

A dazzling display of auroras lit up the far northern skies Tuesday night (Jan. 24) in a supercharged light show…The northern lights show was sparked by an intense solar flare that erupted from the sun late Sunday (Jan. 22). The flare unleashed a wave of charged particles, triggering the strongest solar radiation storm since 2005 (- Yahoo! News)

Aurora Borealis o 2 Knäppisar  / Jens

Northern Lights in Aroostook County Maine

Flickr members Ben-e-boy and Corinne Mills (Ben’s Mom!) caught the aurora over Dundee, Scotland. A local and national paper found their photos through Flickr and contacted them. Corinne was contacted by the local Dundee Evening Telegraph. Ben’s photos were found by the Scottish edition of the Times and after contacting him his photo was on the front page!


Ben in the Times  Wowser! EXPLORED THANK YOU!

Aurora towards Invergowie/Dundee

Photos from Fotoklubben Knäppisarna,, Ben-e-boy, and corinne mills.

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