Global printing and more with Snapfish

Also available in: Deutsch, 繁體中文, Español, Italiano

Why hello Snapfish!

We’ve always wanted to extend printing services to more of our members around the world and today we’re happy to do just that, just in time for the holidays! Please welcome Snapfish as our go to partner for all your printing needs. Now, all Flickr members can create photo prints, books, collages, calendars and more and get them shipped to most anywhere in the world. We’re thrilled that Snapfish has direct local facilities in 22 countries for fast, simple and affordable printing.

To get started with Snapfish you can use the “Order Prints” button above any of your photos or sets.


There’s also a new Print & Create section in the Organizr where you can batch select multiple photos to do more and create cards, calendars, books, photo collages or canvas prints.


After choosing photos on Flickr you’ll be transferred to Snapfish where you can customize and finish your creation.

For more info on printing check out our FAQs. The Snapfish folks have created a group on Flickr where you can share photos of your Snapfish creations and ask questions, share answers, ideas and information.

Posted by Zack Sheppard