Announcing Flickr for iPad

We’re excited to release Flickr for iPad, the official Flickr 3.2 app optimized for Apple’s beautiful, large retina display, which makes it easy and enjoyable to access, organize and share your stunning photos from anywhere.

Flickr 博覽館,變得更大了!

很高興在這裡宣布,每個 Flickr 博覽館能收藏的相片數量,從過去的 18 張相片,提升到 50 張。相信這樣可以讓大家更自由地收藏 Flickr 上各種精彩的相片,也能讓好友一次看到更多你的精彩收藏。

Introducing a new Flickr experience on Apple TV

Our new service for Apple TV brings all your photos to life on the big screen, where you can engage with the Flickr community, explore the world’s most interesting photos, and use our powerful search capabilities to browse billions of photos within the most extraordinary online photo collection.