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We’ve just overhauled our system emails to be more informative and have a more consistent look and feel. These messages are designed to alert you to activity about you or on your photos, and keep you in touch with what’s happening with your friends and family on Flickr. If you don’t have these emails turned on, maybe now’s a good time to try them out. (Nudge, nudge)

E-Mail Me

The Contact Notification email is a good example of the new messaging style. When someone adds you as a contact, you’ll now see their recent uploads, contacts you have in common, and photos in which they’ve been identified. You’ll see similar types of changes, as well as a more consistent look, across our system messages, whether you’re sharing a photo with someone, checking your recent activity, or corresponding with a fellow Flickr member.

Some other improvements you may notice:

  • Share a set/photostream – cuter design (natch), and link to slideshow
  • Share a photo – mapped location for geotagged photos
  • Invite to Flickr – includes photos of and by the inviting member
  • Welcome to Flickr – reminder of account information plus some helpful getting started information.

These emails are a great way to have Flickr activity like comments, favorites, new uploads, and member messages delivered to your inbox. Head over to Your Account to review and manage your email and notification settings. (If you prefer plain text, set your email reader accordingly.)

These changes are about making the messages we currently offer more useful and attractive. We can’t guarantee they’ll make you more attractive or smell better, you’ll have to log in to the site for that.

If you have questions let us know in this Help Forum topic.

Happy emailing!

Photo from S Megol.

Posted by Zack Sheppard