Celebrating Tamborrada


Izada. Tamborrada de Martutene 2012  Izada. Tamborrada de Martutene 2012


Every year on 20 January the people of the city of San Sebastián celebrate a festival known as the “Tamborrada”. At midnight, in the Konstituzio Plaza, the mayor raises the flag of San Sebastián. For 24 hours, day and night, the entire city is awash with the sound of drums. The adults, dressed as cooks and soldiers, march in different companies across various parts of the city with different schedules. The celebration finishes at midnight when the city flag is lowered at different spots, while the main meeting point remains the Konstituzio Plaza.Wikipedia

View more photos of this year’s Tamborrada festival that took place in San Sebastian last Friday.

Photos from zubillaga61, martuteneauzoa, and envisionpublicidad.

Posted by Kay Kremerskothen