20under20 Spotlight: Katharina Jung

Katharina is a fine-art and portrait photographer from Hermeskeil, Germany, and one of our 20under20. Since February 2013, she converts her daydreams into images. After finishing her diploma as a media designer in June 2014 she will go to Bali and travel through New Zealand with her camera. Read on for our full interview.


ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst is continuously documenting his time on-board and around the ISS. His latest photos show him during his maintenance and repair space walk around the space station.

FlickrFriday: Twilight

It’s that very special moment of the day when the lights go down and the sun is barely visible. Mist and gloom are everywhere creating suspense and beauty at the same time. It’s #Twilight, our Flickr Friday theme of the week. Read on and join the fun.