You shot a Roll in a Day

Chilling with the Roof Down

Photo15_18 Into the Distance

Roll in a day shot 6 - Tow Away Cherry Blossom, Lewes Road, Blackbird Fly 007_7

03-24-2012-17 Produce ~ The Village Market ~ Howell, Michigan


If you’ve been following us closely, you have seen our excitement about the Roll in a Day project. Now that the first developed films are rolling in (couldn’t resist the pun), we hope you will enjoy browsing the contact sheets and sets as much as we do!

Especially if you missed Roll in a Day this time, go ahead and cast your vote in the poll on how frequently you would want to shoot a roll in a day and if there should be a theme going forward.

Photos from Josh_Wolf, Evansshoots, metavida, Arachide, rob orchard, l.attitude, vanezia, Trish P. – K1000 Gal, and penguinova.

Posted by Kay Kremerskothen