Add your Flickr photos to your professional profile with Zerply

Internal Profile

Zerply is a professional network that “goes beyond the resume by presenting a fuller picture of who a person is.” Their site is particularly great for professionals that may want to display their work in a more creative way which is where Flickr comes in. They recently added a great Flickr integration letting you highlight your Flickr photostream or particular sets as part of your professional profile.

To learn more about Zerply and Flickr check them out in the App Garden or the Flickr integration page on their site.

Photos featured in the screenshot from Ashley Baxter.

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Trees in Silos

Worm's Eye View

Henry County tree planter   327. Silo with tree


silo: planter for a tree

The tree in the silo

Once in a while we come across something on Flickr that we didn’t even know was a “thing”. It turns out that trees sometimes grow inside of abandoned grain silos, creating a surprising and often beautiful juxtaposition. You can enjoy a whole group dedicated to Trees in Silos, or check out Ken Wolf’s excellent set of Silos around Lawrence, Kansas.

Photos from hastingshayseed, David Sebben, countrygirl0, kyle_springer, rod murrow, and Ken Wolf.

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The Love for Pandas

panda bears

Give us a hug


Photos from Mia Oh, only lines, and ♥ about : blank ♥.

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Happy Birthday, Golden Gate Bridge!

The Quintessential San Francisco Sunrise

046813 34

Golden Gate Bridge from Lookout

Golden Gate Bridge at 50

Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco at night

The Golden Gate Bridge has been a landmark of San Francisco since its completion in 1937. The love affair with the bridge started prior to it even being built. It was desperately needed to alleviate the traffic from the ferries. Despite the Great Depression, the areas surrounding San Francisco voted and passed the bond measure to pay for the bridge by using their homes and businesses as collateral.

Today, May 27th, 2012, marks the 75th anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge. If you are in the San Francisco area celebrate the Golden Gate Bridge’s anniversary in person and watch it glow.

If you would like to find other Golden Gate Bridge photos take a look at our beautiful Golden Gate Bridge groups.

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Horse Xing ( free range horse wandering through the Nevada desert)

True Grit

Cowboy Poetry

Fly Geyser - Black Rock Desert

Stampede to oblivion

the brightest spot on earth

Milky Way

Photos from dirk huijssoon, francescadistefano, pixelsrzen, Stephen Oachs, The Family Dog, gsgeorge, and dennisbehm.

Posted by Zack Sheppard

Groups: A new view, new API methods, and add from Uploadr

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The community you build is what makes Flickr truly unique. And Flickr Groups are the pulse of the community on Flickr. So we’re very excited to share three Group announcements with you.

Justified View

Since the Justified View appeared on Photos from your Contacts and on your Favorites page you have been asking us to bring the same experience to groups. So starting today, you can browse the 1.2 billion photos in Flickr groups in our new Justified View.

Less is More

But there’s more: not only are Group pools available in Justified View, we’ve also created a sidebar that makes the entire Groups experience more interactive and simpler to navigate. As you scroll through the photos in a Group Pool, the new sidebar persistently gives you context on what the group is about. It also surfaces the most recent discussions happening in the group and highlights the top tags as well as the top contributors for members who want to dig a little deeper.

Panoramas Utata!

For your viewing pleasure, we’ve picked out some amazing Groups that we thought you might want to check out (and join!). Take a look at Less Is More, panoramas, and U.S. National Parks.


Uploadr Update: Submit to Groups

Submit photos to groups from within Uploadr

Lots of you have asked us to make it easier to get your photos into a group and we’ve just added the ability to upload photos directly to your groups within the new Flickr Uploadr.  Just click on "Add to Group" in the editing panel to access your existing groups and presto! Your photos will be sent to the group at the same time that they’re published on your photostream.


New Groups API methods, new possibilities

We are also very excited to release several new API methods that enable our members to interact with group discussions such as reading topics and replies, and posting to group discussions. The release also includes methods to join and leave a group (that may be of special interest to you mobile developers out there). You can find more information regarding these new methods on our API documentation page. Or you can head over to the blog to read Jamal’s post on the new API methods.


We continue to work hard on the new Flickr. Stay tuned! We created a new thread for bugs and feedback for justified group pools and the new sidebar; head over to the existing thread if you encounter issues with the new Add to Groups option in Uploadr.

Posted by Georges Haddad

“Curate the Commons”

Commercial Dock Pier The ship's cats, HMS 'Hawkins'

In February 2012 the National Maritime Museum in London embarked on its second co-curated exhibition since the July 2011 opening of their new Sammy Ofer Wing and the Compass Lounge.

Being an active contributor to The Commons on Flickr, the new space has allowed the Museum’s team to take this participation much further. So in March, it invited members of their active Flickr community to curate a display of historical photographs that are significant to them from the National Maritime Museum’s collection .

NMM Curate the Collection first meeting

Since then 17 Flickr members have gone behind the scenes with Bronwen Colquhoun, a PhD student from Newcastle University, and the Museum’s Digital Participation Officer, Jane Findlay, to explore the Museum’s Commons sets, delve into the historic photograph collection, and meet with Museum staff about developing exhibitions.

Starting from a huge amount of photographs the group worked together to select the final eight images which will soon be exhibited in the Compass Lounge and form a new set on the National Maritime Museum’s Commons account on Flickr. A further hundred digital images will be shown alongside the prints which reflect more closely individual participants’ personal routes of exploration through the collection – these images will also be accompanied by tag clouds to capture the individual responses to the images.

Royal Naval College floodlit for the coronation Camel in Kuwait carrying fuel for cooking

"We’re keen for other Flickr users and visitors to get involved and get inspired by photography by discussing the choices and adding their own tags online. Those interested are invited to follow the Curate the Collection group on Flickr and share their thoughts." says Emma McLean from the National Maritime Museum.

This is just one of Bronwen’s active research projects around how Flickr Commons supports community engagement and making sense of the photographic collections. She’ll be taking this project forward through working with the Washington Library of Congress and Tyne and Wear Archives and Museums to explore their Flickr Commons collections.

Photos from National Maritime Museum and aka Razz. For updates and personal insights into the project, you can follow the participants’ Curate The Collection Blog and the National Maritime Museums’ Collections Blog.

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With the buttocks exposed

The big rush


Pas farouche

All photos uploaded Tuesday from blank array, nilliske, briyen, hvhe1, and suzettine.

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Illustrations by Stereo the Snowman

diana  leo

willie mae  robbie lee

field mice funeral

effy    couple 3

Stereo the Snowman‘s illustrations are wonderful and varied. You can see a few examples above but we invite you to explore more of her work in her photostream…

goodbye enemy!

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Yesterday’s Eclipse

金環食 (an annular eclipse)

Solar Eclipse of 2012

2012 Annular Solar Eclipse - Lubbock, Texas

Solar Eclipse May 2012

Sunset Beach Eclipse May 20th 2012

There are so many amazing photos of yesterdays annular eclipse it was hard to choose. Make sure you browse through the rest (over 16,000 uploaded so far!) on Flickr.

Photos from Paul_ (shin.ogata), flopper, unripegreenbanana, Michael Kyraha, and jimnista

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