Groups: A new view, new API methods, and add from Uploadr

The community you build is what makes Flickr truly unique. And Flickr Groups are the pulse of the community on Flickr. So we’re very excited to share three Group announcements with you.

Justified View

Since the Justified View appeared on Photos from your Contacts and on your Favorites page you have been asking us to bring the same experience to groups. So starting today, you can browse the 1.2 billion photos in Flickr groups in our new Justified View.

Less is More

But there’s more: not only are Group pools available in Justified View, we’ve also created a sidebar that makes the entire Groups experience more interactive and simpler to navigate. As you scroll through the photos in a Group Pool, the new sidebar persistently gives you context on what the group is about. It also surfaces the most recent discussions happening in the group and highlights the top tags as well as the top contributors for members who want to dig a little deeper.

Panoramas Utata!

For your viewing pleasure, we’ve picked out some amazing Groups that we thought you might want to check out (and join!). Take a look at Less Is More, panoramas, and U.S. National Parks.


Uploadr Update: Submit to Groups

Submit photos to groups from within Uploadr

Lots of you have asked us to make it easier to get your photos into a group and we’ve just added the ability to upload photos directly to your groups within the new Flickr Uploadr.  Just click on "Add to Group" in the editing panel to access your existing groups and presto! Your photos will be sent to the group at the same time that they’re published on your photostream.


New Groups API methods, new possibilities

We are also very excited to release several new API methods that enable our members to interact with group discussions such as reading topics and replies, and posting to group discussions. The release also includes methods to join and leave a group (that may be of special interest to you mobile developers out there). You can find more information regarding these new methods on our API documentation page. Or you can head over to the blog to read Jamal’s post on the new API methods.


We continue to work hard on the new Flickr. Stay tuned! We created a new thread for bugs and feedback for justified group pools and the new sidebar; head over to the existing thread if you encounter issues with the new Add to Groups option in Uploadr.