There is a group for this


fearless house keepers defending their home at the roof

Perro en la Alhambra

doggy bliss on a roof

Ringo on the Roof

Here at Flickr we know that there is a Flickr group for almost everything you can imagine. But even then, sometimes it’s nice to read what others are discovering. Like rfizzle’s tweet the other day highlighting the Dogs on Roofs group.

There is a @Flickr group dedicated to Dogs on Roofs I don’t know why I’m surprised, but some of the shots are incredible

And to prove the point, here are some other, more quirky ones like Stuffed animals lashed to truck radiators, What’s that in your fridge?, or the Show Me Your Keys group. If none of that is your cup of tea, go discover one of the other hundreds of thousands of groups and contribute a photo or two.

Photos from MilkaWay, Lalallallala, jugarporjugar, potomacpix, and ex_magician.

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