Taking a flight this morning?

Bangkok's new airport is glassy. I can see everything!   Queuing to take-off #plane #airport #bangalore #india #jetairways

The #carpet and #travellator as seen inside the #airport #terminal. #iphonephotography #igerssg #igaddict #ignation #igersdaily #instahub #instamood   Ninoy Aquino International Airport would like to say “Welcome to 1970.”

Flickr members in Asia flying from BLR, BKK, MNL, and SIN this morning.

Photos from inju, Scalino, Tim Riley 澳大利亚, and keiko_kixs.

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Ladas and Zhigulis

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Lada VAZ-2107 Police Car, Moscow 1999



Lada 2101

After more than 40 years Russian car-maker AutoVaz has stopped the production of the Lada 2107. The car that was based on a Fiat model from 1966 was amongst the most desired cars in Eastern Europe throughout the cold war. Here’s a small tribute to the old, vintage Lada models that more and more disappear from today’s streets.

Photos from Adam bd, Prophetique, aamengus, and MauriceVanGestel.

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A Perfect Game

The Perfect Game!

"baaaaaasebaaaaaallllll!" is all I yell...

Matt Cain perfect game

Just witnessed Matt Cain throw the first perfect game in Giants franchise history

Congratulations to Matt Cain and the San Francisco Giants on the first perfect game in their 130-year franchise history! To complete the 22nd perfect game in Major League history, Cain threw 125 pitches and notched 14 strikeouts, tying Sandy Koufax’s high mark from 1965.

“I literally felt everyone on the mound with me. The whole stadium was electric.” – Matt Cain

A perfect game is defined by Major League Baseball as a game in which a pitcher (or combination of pitchers) pitches a victory that lasts a minimum of nine innings and in which no opposing player reaches base.[2] Thus, the pitcher (or pitchers) cannot allow any hits, walks, hit batsmen, or any opposing player to reach base safely for any other reason. The feat has been achieved 22 times in the history of major league baseball — 20 times since the modern era began in 1900, most recently by Matt Cain of the San Francisco Giants on June 13, 2012. – wikipedia

Photos by Phil McGrew, Jay Smith, throgers, and George Murray.

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The 6 Feet Assault Carrier

While surfing Flickr this morning, I came across Benny Brickster‘s video of his latest Lego creation, a Covenant assault carrier from the video game Halo. Very impressive work!

Check out more from the incredibly active Lego community on Flickr.

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Polaroid 669 Memories

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Cartoline da Desenzano #8

The soft, flattering tones and the extended dynamic range of the Polaroid 669 film were its main characteristics. Despite its discontinuation in 2008, many of you still keep expiring packages in drawers, shelves, and fridges, loading them into your Polaroid cameras to capture special moments, and create wonderful art as seen in the Polaroid 699 group or our image search.

Photos from Bastiank80, abdukted1456, patrickjoust, and E dimmi che non vuoi morire.

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We want you to grow big things at Flickr (aka We’re hiring!)


Flickr is home to over 77 million members and about 90 million users every month. We are a global photography community, a web development pioneer, a place to discover the most amazing photos and videos, and one of the most well-known brands on the Internet. Now we have plans to make Flickr even bigger, but we need you to grow it with us.

At Flickr we love and value great engineering. Our engineering team is passionate about the product*, shapes its future and everyone is making a big impact for millions of people. You may have seen some of the significant changes that we’ve made to Flickr recently to make it even more beautiful and easy to use. We couldn’t have done any of them without our innovative, smart, hard-working team, and we have even bigger things in store.

On top of that, we are located in one of the most beautiful places in the world: Downtown San Francisco, California.

Long story short:Our team is expanding, and we are looking for incredible engineering talent:

If any of the open positions spark your interest and fit your background, then please let us know at the address posted underneath the job description. We’re excited to welcome some new members to the Flickr team – get ready for the initiation!

*Don’t miss the Flickr Engineering Blog for some examples of the team’s brilliant work.

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The Day the Flickrverse watched the Venus Transit

The Flickrverse watches …

Transit of Venus

Neighbor Girl Viewing Venus Eclipse Venus Transit (201206050002HQ)

… as Venus passes between Earth and the Sun.

金星凌日 Transit of Venus

Venus Transit 2012 Transit of Venus 2012 from Pacific Northwest

SDO's Ultra-high Definition View of 2012 Venus Transit - 304 Angstrom

Many of you have taken spectacular images during yesterday’s Venus transit, preserving it for future generations until this astronomical phenomenon can be seen again in December 2117.

Photos from H.L.Tam, lomeranger, nasa hq photo, Clonedbird 克隆鳥 & Iris 艾莉絲, VisualUniverse, RogueMD, and NASA Goddard Photo and Video.

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Japanese Manhole Covers

Ikaruga town, Nara pref manhole cover(奈良県斑鳩町のマンホール)

 Tsuruga Fukui manhole cover (福井県敦賀市のマンホール)   Fujiyoshida,Yamanashi manhole cover(山梨県富士吉田市のマンホール)   Minoh City Osaka pref manhole cover(大阪府箕面市のマンホール)   Osaka city,Osaka pref manhole cover(大阪府大阪市のマンホール)

Kobe Hyogo manhole cover 3 (兵庫県神戸市のマンホール3)

 Kinosaki town, Hyogo pref manhole cover(兵庫県城崎町のマンホール)   Kumamoto Kumamoto pref,manhole cover (熊本県熊本市のマンホール)   Matsumoto city, Nagano pref manhole cover 2(長野県松本市のマンホール2)   Takamatsu Kagawa manhole cover(香川県高松市のマンホール)

Flickr member MRSY has collected a fascinating set of Japanese manhole covers. You can explore over 250 of them on a map! Can’t get enough? There’s an awesome Flickr group dedicated to manhole covers around the world (with over 15,000 photos!) and another group specifically about Japanese manhole covers.

All photos from MRSY.

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They’re here!

Mr. Telly

They're heeeeeeeere Poltergeist Poltergeist

Poltergeist in my Record Collection

From Beyond the Grave I Watch Over Her Dreams Poltergeist


On June 4th, 1982, the first Poltergeist movie, written by Steven Spielberg, was released. The movie has been a great inspiration for many photographers on Flickr, so join us in celebrating Poltergeist’s 30th anniversary, and enjoy the paranormal photos in our Poltergeist image clusters.

Photos from Aaron Escobar, Mr. Moog, Kristen Lanae., kamihacker, sumrow, r1cky4683, Not Jane Doe, and evelynnlouise

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Memories of Versailles

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Versailles4 (July 2011)

my mom at Versailles

Visiteurs en famille dans les années 1960

The famous Palace of Versailles near Paris, built by the "Sun King" Louis XIV, is one of the most wonderful French landmarks and known all over the world. To celebrate this history, the curators at the Palace invite you to join their group Souvenir pictures of Versailles and share your photographic memories of the castle with the world.

A selection of the photos uploaded to the group will be showcased on the Palace of Versailles website where you can also find further information about the project.

Photos from Candys room, Estelle80 and chateauversailles. Discover other beautiful photos taken in Versailles in our photo search.

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