‘Frankenstorm’ Sandy hits the North American East Coast

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Hurricane Sandy - NYC

Hurricane Sandy Dark Waters

Hurricane Sandy Pummels Toronto

Street Photograph of the Day | Bushwick, Brooklyn | Hurricane Sandy Hurricane Sandy_20121029_044

Flooded Streets

Hurricane Sandy power outage in Lower Manhattan, New York Hurricane Sandy 1

Stormy days, Toronto

The massive storm that started out as Hurricane Sandy slammed into the East Coast and morphed into a huge and problematic system, putting more than 7.3 million homes and businesses in the dark and causing at least 16 deaths.Yahoo! News

Our thoughts and best wishes go out to all of you affected by the hurricane – stay safe!

Photos from scott witt, navid j, thelexiphane, j-riviere, jl_auch, falconn67, PM Breakfast, Lisa Bettany {Mostly Lisa}, and mattlindén. Discover more photos taken during Hurricane Sandy.

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