Dear Tube, Happy Birthday!

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The Sole Purpose of Human Existence Way in Arched people


Rochelle Going Down


iPhoneography 385 >Underground World | London Series< underground Going Underground Red Woman In Tube


The London Tube started service 150 years ago, and was the first metro of the world. With more than three million commuters and visitors using its service every day, it’s the second largest underground train system after Shanghai’s.

Happy Birthday Tube! May you continue to provide reliable transport and be the subject of many exciting photos of your architecture, people’s journeys, emotions and experiences.

Celebrate the Tube with us: Post your London Underground photos and share them with @Flickr using #LondonTube150. We will feature another selection of photos on the weekend.

Photos from Mark T Simmons, Dani3D, Miodrag Bogdanovic mitja, Mark_Deacon2, maggyvaneijk, fotobes, [~Bryan~], Mauro Ballabeni, 52 grams, The National Archives UK, and edscoble.

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Posted by Kay Kremerskothen