Chienbäse, a Swiss tradition

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Chienbäse, Switzerland

Chienbäse 2013 Chienbäse 2013 - der Boden glüht

Chienbäse Liestal

Chienbäse Liestal  Chienbäse 2013

Chienbäse - Taking a break

On the Sunday night after Ash Wednesday a procession begins of people carrying burning bundles of pinewood chips (called Chienbäse, the Alemannic German for “pinewood besom”) through the medieval town center of Liestal, Switzerland, entering through the city gate from the south. In more recent decades the Chienbäse have been augmented with carts carrying bonfires, with flames often reaching as high as the houses.Wikipedia

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Photos from lycienjantos, justanotherperspective, Nutrimotion, klaeui, and Toni Birrer.

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