#FlickrFriday: Walk 50 Steps and Shoot

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50 More?

Walk 50 Steps and Shoot 50 Steps East Is West

68: DC Twilight My Faculty of Law [EXPLORED] 50 Steps And Shoot

Walk 50 Steps and Shoot - Flickr Friday In rehearsal

Showdown at the Farm [Explored]

# Last Flickr Friday we asked you to Walk 50 Steps and Shoot.

Above is a selection of submissions from around the area where you took on last Friday’s challenge. Not only did you walk 50 steps and captured the special things around you, some of your also put a special twist on the theme by interpreting it more broadly. You can check out all the contributions in the Flickr Friday group pool. Thanks for your hard work and creativity, and tune in on Friday to hear our next Flickr Friday theme!

Photos from jacobdwyer, fjcps, hbmike2000, gypsymarestudios, { Jessy Simon }, Derek Hall, bradleymichaelcollinsphotography, CardiganKate, and doctah.

#FlickrFriday is a weekly photography project that challenges your creativity. For a chance to be featured on FlickrBlog, follow @flickr on Twitter & like us on Facebook and look for the weekly theme announcement every Friday. Browse the Flickr Friday category for more.

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Climbers captured in state of fearlessness

Jumping off the top of Horror arete.

Regan McCaffery climbing Valhalla at Waipapa, North Island, New Zealand. Paralogism E7 6c at the Roaches, Staffordshire.


Julia on “La Muerte del Sponsor”

Gravity has nothing on these thrill-seeking athletes, and we’re hooked on exploring their excursions and other precarious moments of climbing captured by you in photos.

See more fantastic adventure photos like the ones here in the Climbers’ Paradise gallery.

Do you climb? Share your photos in the Climbing group.

Photos from Peter ‘Hobbit’ Wilkinson, JoshyWindsor, turner_andi, Carlos Izquierdo Fortea, and Jonas Wiklund.

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Edgy Architecture

Yet Another Pointy Edge

Sharp Edge framed

V, multiplied

If you enjoy these edgy photos of architecture, check out more photos tagged with architecture and edge.

Photos from andersdenkend, StuMcP, Luke Stearns, Wampie., and Philipp Klinger Photography.

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The Weekly Flickr celebrates Women’s History Month

For this episode of The Weekly Flickr, we asked the Flickr community to show us the most important women in their lives. We wanted to hear about your mothers, grandmothers, significant others and best friends — the women who changed and inspired you to become the person you are today.

We received countless photos and featured as many of them as we could with personal testimonials from contributing photographers. We hope you all celebrate the women in your life as well!


My Mom, my hero.

“This is my beautiful mother. The older I grow, the more I realize how perfect my life has been, despite all of the hardships my family and I have faced together. She encouraged me to go after each and every dream of mine. She taught me strength, love, acceptance, and what it means to be happy even when life’s circumstances are telling you to feel the opposite. My thank you’s will never be enough for this awe-inspiring woman.” – kmitchell11

Retrato de Dolores

“She’s a powerful woman, who taught me the high value of independence, generosity and enjoyment.” – Daniel Ivan



“My grandma; the lady who taught me that having a positive attitude makes life easier.” – Ida/FarWestLogbook


“This amazing woman is my grandmother. She has been through so much strife — from losing her husband at a young age to having to raise five kids on her own. Not only did she raise my mom, aunts, and uncles, she raised me. In a sense, she is my mother, my best friend, and my everything. Her smile is as contagious as her love!” – Terry Vo


“Monica is my other half, who always smiles as beautiful as you can see on this picture. She is the same as me, with the same positive and negative qualities, with the same values and family background. And she is always supporting me in photography ;)” – p.dave

My Little Bride ♥

“Amy Chu, my wife who changed my life too much. I first met her in the late 2008 in my own coffee shop when she went here with her friends. And I think I loved her at first sight. Now we’re happy together and plan to have a child in the next year!” – Khanh Hmoong


Shy smiling woman wearing eye glasses

“This woman is my best friend, Nikki. She inspires me daily by sharing her love of teaching with her students, family, friends and with our children. She truly enjoys watching people’s eyes light up when they finally understand a concept that they’ve been struggling with. I am inspired by her strength, grace and love for helping others.” – Pink Sherbert Photography


“Women like her come from the lower rung of the society, where resources are limited, survival is difficult, no education, and it is a constant struggle to make ends meet. But the most amazing thing is that, despite all this, they manage to smile through. This woman is [a person of] fisherfolk. I come across her very often, and I have always seen her smile. We all need to learn from them because we seem to get perplexed and worried with the slightest problem. We need to be calm and composed to deal with it all.” – M D

Explore the photos in this video episode and find out more about the photographed women in our “Women’s History Month” galleries part 1 and part 2.

Do you want to be featured on The Weekly Flickr? We are looking for your photos that amaze, excite, delight and inspire. Share them with us in the The Weekly Flickr Group or tweet us at #theweeklyflickr.

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Flickr at SXSW

We’re happy to announce that this year, we are the official photo sharing app of South by Southwest (SXSW), the festival where tech, music and art meet in lovely Austin, Texas, from March 8 to 17.

Let the fun begin

photo To be free again... Lulu via @charnisilk Step and repeat, hot off the presses. This is how we get red carpet ready. via @jbellec14

SXSW on Flickr

Our friends at SXSW have created their official group on Flickr. If you’re attending, join the group and show us the sights and sounds (video always welcome!) of SXSW. You can do so directly from SXSW’s own mobile app or by using Flickr for your iPhone and uploading your photos to the group pool.

But even if you can’t trek down south to enjoy the festival in person, you can follow along and watch as festival attendees and staffers share everything from live music and interaction events to glimpses of architecture around the city.

Flickr goes to SXSW

We are also thrilled to have invited some familiar faces from around Austin, namely Lotus Carroll, Flipintex, and Peter Tsai, who will all be documenting SXSW’s many events for you. You may see them there in person or catch the shots they’ll be uploading to the group. Many thanks to all of them for lending us their eyes and lenses for the occasion.

If you’ll be in town for SXSW, stop by to visit! At our space in Brazos Hall you can get shots in our permanent photo booth feeding into the SXSW group. Or, enjoy our pop-up photo gallery along with a digital presentation of shots from the group as they are added.

Our own Markus Spiering and Chris Berry will also be around to let you in on some of the exciting things going on at Flickr in two of SXSW’s Interactive events.

Markus will be presenting “More Than Just A Pretty Picture: How Flickr uses meta-data to build stories through photos”, and discussing how we capture and present the life of your photos, from the moment they were taken to the activity they attract on Flickr.

Chris will be a panelist for “Creating & Keeping a Kickass Photo Community,” where he’ll talk about how the team has worked to make Flickr one of the best online community for photographers to connect and share their work.

As always, you can tune in to @flickr for more of Flickr’s SXSW highlights from these talks and more.

Photos from TrekkingBee, and Official SXSW.

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Chiaroscuro: Emerging from shadows

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Making My Decision


Caravaggio light and the Nintendo

day 223 - Chiaroscuro

The Renaissance did us a favor and popularized the dramatic use of bold contrasts commonly seen in stylized paintings from the period, a visual approach which is known in art history as chiaroscuro. In photography, the same effect is created by using a single source of light — either naturally or with what’s technically called low-key lighting. The technique adds a delightful cinematic quality to photo compositions, and you’ll find a trove of examples from our community to enjoy.

See more remarkable chiaroscuro photography in the Emerging From Darkness gallery.

Photos from alebaffa, AMP FOTOS, Dominic Bugatto, Teodor Lazarev, and lions + tigers + bears oh my.

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Panoramas via iPhone

Klingenstock 1941m

Ravens Superbowl Celebration Iphone Panorama

Zion National Park


Parking Spot

It’s addictive: You try it once — activate the panorama mode in your iPhone Camera app, rotate steadily, stretch until the ding-ding sound signals you’ve finished — and an itch to try another one immediately follows.

This option offered by iOS 6 has created a whole new genre of iphoneography, and this is a small sample of what’s been spectacularly shot.

See more of what we’ve curated today in the Panoramas Via iPhone gallery, and share your panoramic shots like these in the Apple iPhone / iOS 6 Panoramas group.

Photos from jweberch, TwentyFourZero, DutchRosie, Adam Metcalf, and J-a-x.

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#FlickrFriday: Lost in the Woods

Lost in the Woods...

Dreams   Mont w lesie

Lost in the woods

Ambush - Lost in the woods   130302_10lost

Lost in the woods...

# Last Flickr Friday we asked you to get Lost in the Woods.

Above is a selection of submissions from those of you that ventured into the wilds to take photos for last week’s theme. Not only were the forests you showed us incredibly diverse, but many of you also found ways to show us your woods in a different light. You can check out all the contributions in the Flickr Friday group pool. Thanks for your hard work and creativity, and tune in on Friday to hear our next Flickr Friday theme!

Photos from mswickedmonton, I.Cherkasov, Ghostavny, noblueskies, Diogo Costta, Finch Linden, and gaborkk.

#FlickrFriday is a weekly photography project that challenges your creativity. For a chance to be featured on FlickrBlog, follow @flickr on Twitter & like us on Facebook and look for the weekly theme announcement every Friday. Browse the Flickr Friday category for more.

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Every line counts

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Made with Sharpie Juggling Cat Monster grin

Goldfish 999 Stranded monster Blue & red 3d glasses

Warty & content Rocketship Heffalump

Let us introduce you to the cool art of D Laferriere. Every school day he sends his kids off with a sandwich bag that he decorated with a drawing: “The challenges are coming up with an idea and then drawing quickly and directly on the bag, every line counts.”

We highly recommend that you check out The Weekly Flickr video about his story and over 1,050 other lovely drawings in D’s set of Sandwich Art.

Photos from D Laferriere.

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Night scenes in long exposures

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Bay Bridge Lights

1 Night on the Pilatus

Winter Nubble Light

Volos - The city of God - (explore 19/2/13)

The new LED lights lining Northern California’s Bay Bridge, a star-speckled sky seen from a Swiss mountain, the “Nubble” Lighthouse of Maine, an old Okinawan building, the illuminated city of Volos, Greece — a few of many outstanding nocturnal scenes captured recently.

See more stunning photos like these in the Night Shots gallery, and share the best examples of your night photography in the Night Images group.

Photos from bongarang, PhiiiiiiiL, moe chen, Akira ASKR, and Valadis Kostas Papadopoulos.

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