#FlickrFriday: Lost in the Woods

Lost in the Woods...

Dreams   Mont w lesie

Lost in the woods

Ambush - Lost in the woods   130302_10lost

Lost in the woods...

# Last Flickr Friday we asked you to get Lost in the Woods.

Above is a selection of submissions from those of you that ventured into the wilds to take photos for last week’s theme. Not only were the forests you showed us incredibly diverse, but many of you also found ways to show us your woods in a different light. You can check out all the contributions in the Flickr Friday group pool. Thanks for your hard work and creativity, and tune in on Friday to hear our next Flickr Friday theme!

Photos from mswickedmonton, I.Cherkasov, Ghostavny, noblueskies, Diogo Costta, Finch Linden, and gaborkk.

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