‘Roid Week 2013, July 15-19

benched   birds are back...

"We started POLAROID WEEK to celebrate instant film. We also started it as a project — to see what new and interesting things we could do with instant film; and to challenge ourselves to produce some really great work."‘RoidWeek 2013

100% Refrigerated Air   The Old Mill

195.365 | in front of gulu gulu cafe day 1, 'roidweek 2013.

This week is ‘Roid Week! The rules are simple. In a nutshell: Instant photography only, one or two photos a day, for five days. Join ‘RoidWeek 2013!

Get inspired and check out what ‘roid week looked like in the past three years: 2010, 2011, 2012.

Photos from james m, Thomas Böttcher, Kilgore Trout (leicamaster.), m_houmann, sidemtess | linda, and journeyswithasimplegirl.

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Zev’s ‘Little Folk’ series earns big buzz

Zev Hoover, known on Flickr as fiddleoak, has become an internet sensation with his “little folk” photo series. These miniature worlds — in which he digitally shrinks people into tiny dreamlike scenarios — involve kids sitting on acorns, rafts made of popsicle sticks and paper airplanes as viable modes of transport. His images have generated buzz not only because of his sheer talent, but the fact that Zev is only 14 years old.

“I like to take the viewer along on a magical journey of rediscovering the world,” Zev says in the accompanying video. “I like showing them that even the little things around us are really beautiful.”

Zev started taking pictures as an 8-year-old with an old cell phone camera, before moving up the ranks and getting professional cameras — which ultimately ignited his passion for photography.

bless my sponge bath this is not a fire escape

“I really like cameras,” Zev says. “They’re just beautiful. Lenses are lovely things. And so the actual shooting, I love doing. Also, there’s a moment like no other when you’re done editing a picture, and you sort of sit back and look at it… it’s wonderful.”

Zev doesn’t remember where the original idea for “little folk” came from. He claims it “just sort of happened” one day back in 2011 while on a walk through the woods with his sister. He’s always loved nature and being outdoors.


tell them I am still here

“I like putting my eye near the ground,” Zev admits, “because you see a totally different world when you’re thinking from the point of view of something smaller than you. Everywhere I go, I see a perfect spot for a little person. Maybe it’s a little rock, which makes for a perfect cave for a person, or perhaps it’s a leaf that would make for a perfect boat… I see that everywhere.”

Zev is inspired by everything in his life — ranging from various Flickr photographers to his current hobbies/interests. Recently, many of his images have been inspired by flight which stems from his hobby of making remote-controlled planes. Before that he was into origami, which is why he used paper cranes in his photos. And before that, he used playing cards after becoming interested in magic.

“I always try and show what I’m interested in my ‘little folks’ series,” Zev says, “I’ve found that they can sort of adapt to anything.”

air draft

His process involves capturing the background first without any people in it — often it’s a collage of pictures or panorama. Then, he’ll go out to a location with similar lighting and take photos of people (usually himself) in various poses. Next, he takes both photos into Photoshop and manipulates them by adding shadows and correcting color so that it all matches.

the gameside

grandfather watch

Zev is extremely humbled by all the attention and success of his photography. “I consider myself incredibly lucky that people like my work, and it encourages me to do more. I think photography is universal. You can photograph whatever is in your life. And if you stick to it, you can really get a nice result.”

Visit Zev’s photostream to see more of his photography.

And, check out 18-year-old photographer Olivia Bee who has worked for the world’s most iconic brands. Watch Olivia’s story.

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#FlickrFriday: Yesterday

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Vintage AM Radio & Alarm Clock   Stone


on any given day   Don't look at me I'm indiscreet

En el silencio y de perfil...

21/365 "We have to go back." Cap's own version of Back to the Future. Flickr Friday #Yesterday   Giro d'Italia Vintage 2013


# Our last Flickr Friday theme was #Yesterday.

Yesterday isn’t just a placeholder that moves as time marches onwards; it’s also an idea that evokes the larger past—a duality which this week’s photos showed beautifully. Some of you captured the previous day’s photo as a snapshot of your life, and some chose to reach even further into the years to emphasize how much things have changed. Explore more of the wonderful submissions for this theme in the Flickr Friday group pool.

To take a nautical tack for the coming week, the new Flickr Friday theme is #OnTheWaterfront. No need to find an actual ocean if a nearby river or pond will do. (Water, it’s everywhere.) A selection of your shots will be showcased right here on the Flickr Blog late next week.

Photos from Gabbbbbbbbbbb, Bryen., mreastwood, lenfels, Laurarama, Ivana Vasilj, Historias Visuales, BlueDog_1199, Giulio Magnifico, and Ainslie!.

#FlickrFriday is a weekly photography project that challenges your creativity. For a chance to be featured on FlickrBlog, follow @flickr on Twitter & like us on Facebook and look for the weekly theme announcement every Friday. Browse the Flickr Friday category for more.

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Picturesque Snowdonia

Crib Goch Sunset

Crib Goch ridge

Early Morning Snowdonia

'Castle Of The Winds' - Castell Y Gwynt, Snowdonia

New coach in service

More mist

Hiking Snowdon


Harlech Castle, Snowdonia

In 1951, the U.K. designated this scenic area of Snowdonia (827 square miles) as one of the first national parks of Wales. It’s grand landscapes provide visitors with stunning views of the conserved terrain.

Explore, and share, more photos of this destination in the Snowdonia Landscapes gallery and Snowdonia group.

Photos from Adam BStar, rockabilly_girl, yuri fisher, Kristofer Williams, ohefin, abstract_effects, Aaro Keipi, ricardobrenelli, and MattClarkPhotos.

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Ultimate shooting locations

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A momentary blur

The Ulitimage Photo Shoot Location - Targeting Earth Photographs From Orbit

Workplace with a view

Sometimes, the right angle can make a huge difference. While it’s not easy for most of us to get to these locations, there are many simple ways to change your perspective: Kneel down and put your camera in front of your feet or step on a chair and let your camera reach the sky.

Photos from tomms, NASA Goddard Photo and Video, and ZensLens.

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Horticultural art in Canada

Spirits of the Wood - Cernunnos

Easter Island Heads



Mosaïcultures Internationales de Montréal

We noticed recent appearances of these plant-covered sculptures in photos from an exhibition called the Mosaïcultures Internationales Montréal (June 22 to September 29). This year’s edition covers the “Land of Hope” theme and includes over 50 “giants of the horticultural arts” on display in Canada’s impressive Montréal Botanical Garden. With 20 countries represented by 200 participating artists, the event is also an international art competition, and the winners will be picked for the Grand Honorary Jury Award and People’s Choice Award.

See more photos in the Mosaicultures Montreal 2013 gallery and Mosaiculture – International group.

Photos from AV Dezign, DeannaVY, Cosmar, Robert Perron, and lusignan.

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Exploring Antelope Canyon

The Nose

Slot Canyon Abstract Sandfall

kiss(es) [Explored, July 8, 2013]

Lower Antelope Canyon, AZ 羚羊谷 What's Hidden Below by Jim

Upper Antelope Canyon

descending into the earth Entering Antelope Canyon

Heart of Upper Antelope Canyon Antelope  Canyon

Threading The Needle The Ghost

A popular section of the Navajo Nation, Arizona, features Antelope Canyon — home to exceptionally photogenic sandstone formations. Flash floods and erosion created this stunning natural wonder of the American Southwest. Visitors enjoy strolls through its narrow passageways that are packed full of sunlight beams, sandfalls, and shapely rocks.

Do you want more pictures from this location? Visit the Antelope Canyon group.

Photos from Mike Olbinski Photography, Aerindad, Nagarajan Kanna, Rebecca Ang, gloryanlin, J Tiffan, kleemo, pup.ollie, BBB888 Photography, geekyrocketguy, Oilfighter, and Laurontario.

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Magical Mendocino

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Sunset at Glass Beach

Todd's Point

View from Glass Beach bridge

Mendocino registration plate Window, Fort Bragg

Point Cabrillo Light Station

California - Part I 673 Seaside Beach, Mendocino county ca

mendocino moonset

Located a few hours away from San Francisco, Mendocino occupies a very special place on the Californian coast. The beautiful landscape is one of the main characteristics of this magical location. It may also have been the inspiration for the makers of Murder, She Wrote to film several episodes of the series and many of its exterior shots in Mendocino.

You can enjoy more of the colors of Mendocino in our Mendocino and Mendocino County, California groups.

Photos from Bryce R, Mark Scheffer, Eugene Gong, Franklyn Wu, Mark Bulmer, Bob Dass, Lance Kuehne, Jon and jody miller.

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Hot shots from our SF and LA meetups

It was sweltering in San Francisco and Los Angeles the weekend before last, but we somehow managed to convince a bunch of Flickr photographers to walk around in the sun with us and take some wonderful shots. Thanks to all who joined, and to those who weren’t able to come this time: make sure you check out our San Francisco and Los Angeles meetup communities for events down the road. Now here’s a photo overview of our walks, in pictures of course.

San Francisco: Industrial Dogpatch and Potrero Hill

Jump with your cameras! #sfflickrmeetup on top of Potrero Hill

Under Construction  

Flickr Photo Walk   DSC_2043

P1010386   Blue window

Flowers @ Sidewalk   Caltrain Tracks

cdemaine-20130629-2546   Caltrain

We took our time strolling along the San Francisco waterfront, full of opportunities to shoot abandoned warehouses and overgrown factories, and then turned to the west to shoot an infamous Caltrain tunnel featuring the latest installations from the graffiti art scene. Succulents and dry grass were growing at every turn, giving a sunbaked look to this warmer section of the city. Special thanks to Bhautik Joshi for coming up with the route and giving us some inside stories from the neighborhoods’ pasts.

To check out more shots from this and past San Francisco photo walks, hop on over to the San Francisco Flickr Meetups group.

Photos from spieri_sf, a.k.a. Flash, thinpan2, elenadopiro, jedisct1, alexpytlarz, Lucy .Q, zoxcleb, Calvinfornia, and Josh the web guy.

Los Angeles: Redondo, Hermosa and Manhattan Beaches

That's how we roll! #laflickrmeetup on bikes along the beach.

Beach umbrellas   Polly's #laflickrmeetup

sunbath2@hermosabeach   Perch

Busker II   Girl with great dog.

Flickr Meetup Group

This photo walk on wheels gave us the chance to roll through three separate neighborhoods along Los Angeles’s coast, with everyone in attendance armed with a beach cruiser. We found sand and boardwalks scenes aplenty that Saturday, especially as the heat drove what seemed like the entire city to the beach front. Thanks to Jake Rome for finding a lovely meeting point and a path for us to bike along.

To look through more beach and boardwalk shots from the photo walk, along with photos from past meetups, be sure to visit the #LAFlickrMeetup group.

Photos from spieri_sf, erink02, simplyguru2012, bunchofideas, Ryan Vaarsi, and pjb.LA

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Panning for speed

NSA Sprint - Westonzoyland


14. Panning [EXPLORED 07/04/13]


NHRA Top Fuel Finals at Pomona

the unrelenting rush~ Tokyo


In your viewfinder, keeping a moving subject in a fixed position can be quite challenging. And when done well, this camera technique (known as panning) creates a beautiful impression of blurry backgrounds, focused subjects, and a sense of speed. These photos capture a variety of scenes that you could use to practice your stabilizing skills and find out what you come up with.

See, and share, more speed pictures in the Blurred Is Best group and Speedy Shots gallery.

Photos from lens buddy, Beetwo77, ©andsav, kamaruld, Dave Toussaint, ~mimo~, and කේදාර KhE 龙.

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