Exploring Antelope Canyon

The Nose

Slot Canyon Abstract Sandfall

kiss(es) [Explored, July 8, 2013]

Lower Antelope Canyon, AZ 羚羊谷 What's Hidden Below by Jim

Upper Antelope Canyon

descending into the earth Entering Antelope Canyon

Heart of Upper Antelope Canyon Antelope  Canyon

Threading The Needle The Ghost

A popular section of the Navajo Nation, Arizona, features Antelope Canyon — home to exceptionally photogenic sandstone formations. Flash floods and erosion created this stunning natural wonder of the American Southwest. Visitors enjoy strolls through its narrow passageways that are packed full of sunlight beams, sandfalls, and shapely rocks.

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Photos from Mike Olbinski Photography, Aerindad, Nagarajan Kanna, Rebecca Ang, gloryanlin, J Tiffan, kleemo, pup.ollie, BBB888 Photography, geekyrocketguy, Oilfighter, and Laurontario.