Your Best Shot 2013 is just around the corner

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sick fearless bastard

Against the Dawn The Sushi on the Belt Goes Round and Round...

one fish, two fish...

Ha iniziato a nevicare Sunset at Venice Beach Basketball Courts - Los Angeles CA

What started as a FlickrCentral discussion in 2007, has grown into a wonderful annual tradition, Your Best Shot.

We’re currently in the last stages of preparation, and since we know that the selection is always the hardest part, we wanted to give you a head-start and invite you to already take a look at your photos taken since January.

Stay tuned, Your Best Shot 2013 will open its doors this Sunday, the 1st of December.

Photos from Crazy Ivory, Mark Griffith, photofiend358, •Sarah P•, Francesca Sara Cauli, and ChrisGoldNY.

Posted by Kay Kremerskothen