#TwitterTuesday: Smile

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Gujjar kids from Rajouri district, Sonmarg, Kashmir, India

Man who sells coconuts Horsing Around Sin título

a laugh in the snow

Robin in the fields Zombie smiling

Play that funky music!


This week was nothing but a happy venture in #TwitterTuesday. From all over the world you shared your smiles with us, and even lions were invited.

To share and enjoy more of your submissions, follow us on Twitter. Get ready and be prepared for next week’s theme.

Photos from Chetan Karkhanis, Ephraim Muller, Achint Thomas, John Carleton, Christian, Antti Tassberg, emilstefanov, and Earth Touch.

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Socotra Archipelago

Dragon's Blood Tree, Socotra Island

Dragon's forest

dragon blood...


socotra island

Skund Mountain

soaring in socotra

Army-Socotra Island5

Socotra Island-1880.jpg

Inland caves

bottle tree in dihamri, soqotra island, unesco, yemen

Isolated in the Arabian Sea, the four islands of Yemen’s Socotra contains natural scenery unlike any other place, literally. At least 700 species of plants and animals are exclusively found in this World Heritage Site (inscribed in 2004), and the abundance of biodiversity is spread across 1,466 square miles of dunes, caves, and mountains. The naturally manicured appearance of the dragon’s blood trees — appropriately named for their blood-like red sap — symbolize the striking uniqueness of this location.

See more photography in the Socotra Island • Suquṭrā • سقطرى group and Socotra Archipelago gallery.

Photos from Rod Waddington, trevcole1, Manna dal Cielo, OlivierWan, Indradhano, Edoardo Scepi, pmedicus, Keith&Denise, yahyia Gassem, Gerry & Bonni, and anthony pappone photographer.
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Introducing Flickr Photo Books

The new Flickr Photo Books

Photos are at the heart of Flickr, and we heard many of you ask for an easy way to showcase your photos offline. Today we’re happy to announce Flickr Photo Books. A clean, stunning design with a beautiful professional finish that brings your stories to life. For the first time, your photos can go from Flickr to photo book in as easy as one click.

We’re particularly excited about the creation tools we designed to do the work for you: Flickr will analyze your photos and intelligently crop, position, and place them automatically.

Your photos. Your story.

Flickr’s free terabyte of space allows all of us to share and store our photos in full resolution. These pictures also deserve the best canvas possible when you take them offline. We searched high and low, and found the finest professional printing methods and materials to showcase your photos, all at one compelling standard price. (What others consider extras, we consider standard!)

But what makes a photo book truly unique is YOU! It’s your life, your stories, and your photos. All the amazing things you share with other members of the Flickrverse every day. From the perfect shot, to your vacation adventures, 365 selfies, baby’s first step, squared circles, or the dream wedding. All the things that inspire you and all of life’s moments can be captured in your Flickr Photo Book one stunning page after another.

Amazing stories + premium materials = beautiful photo books

Each Flickr Photo Book begins with twenty pages of premium white proPhoto paper with a Lustre finish that meets every photographer’s demanding expectations. Simple layouts dedicate one photo per page in full bleed glory or with room to breathe surrounded by a margin. Bound tightly for maximum security (no loose pages here!) your top shots are wrapped in a sleek, photo wrap high-gloss hardcover complete with a matching dust jacket. No cramped formats, no awkward descriptions, no spoiled memories!

Create your book on Flickr

Save time, Flickr fast!

We’re moving fast to bring you new features, tools, and apps to make taking, sharing, and discovering photos fun and easy. We designed Flickr Photo Books in the same way, so you can go from a collection of photos to a photo book in minutes!

Your sets are now a gateway to creating your book: It’s as quick as hovering over a set and clicking on the book icon. Flickr will take care of the rest.

Our intelligent tools analyze, crop, position, and rearrange your photos to look their best. Or course, customization is easy with our Page tools. Slide the scale to zoom in or out, hold and drag the photo to reposition, or click the arrows in the upper right hand corner to switch between full bleed and margin.

Easily preview your book in the Storyboard view. Drag and drop to arrange photos and spreads, delete photos, or, add new ones from any of your sets.

It’s that easy! Flickr Photo Books are here just in time for the holiday season and available within the U.S.* in about a week!

You rock!

Thank you for inspiring us every day to find new ways to bring your photos to life. We are extremely excited for Flickr Photo Books to find a place in your home, with your friends and family, and all the other people you’d like to share them with! And trust us when we say, we’d like to see your books. Once your books arrive at your doorstep, share your designs in the Flickr Photo Books group to let others see your beautiful work.

If you have ideas or feedback, come over to Flickr Ideas to let us know what you think.

* For those of you outside of the Continental U.S., please stay tuned we are working on bringing you Flickr Photo Books soon.

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Pioneer of computer-aided architecture

Canadian Museum of Civilization

049-365 Canadian Museum Of Civilization

St Mary's Catholic Church, Red Deer Alberta #1


National Museum of the American Indian_1

Distinctive Architecture, St. Albert Place, St. Albert, Alberta, Canada

In 1968, the opening of St. Mary’s Church, Red Deer, Alberta, initiated the early beginning of projects designed by Canadian architect Douglas Cardinal that used the assistance of computer technology to bring organically shaped concepts into structurally sound constructions. Curved and flowing forms have become his signature style, and you’ll most notably find them in the exteriors of the National Museum of the American Indian and Canadian Museum of Civilization.

See more photos of Cardinal’s works in the Flowing Architecture gallery.

Photos from Eunice Gibb, bcymet, benlarhome, Joan-Marie E, bbmcder94, and Bencito the Traveller.

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First snow

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First Snow Of The Year - November 17/ 2013 / 9:32 AM First Snow

First Snow

Unfocused White & Blue First Snow

First snow

With winter quickly approaching in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s time for the first snow of the year in many places. Enjoy these snowflakes, white streets and landscapes, and take a look at more first snow photos taken in the past weeks in our image search.

Photos from POP SNAP, briarose7, L.Mikonranta, R.J. Pate, Bella BMC, and Kristmar.

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BatKid saves San Francisco!

Last Friday San Francisco was transformed into Gotham City, where BatKid – with the help of a caped crusader – brought adventure and justice to city. Thanks to the Make-A-Wish foundation 5-year-old Miles rescued damsels in distress, brought evil-doers to justice, received the key to the city and even earned personal thanks from President Obama.

#sfbatkid - arrival at the bank!

Bat Kid Saves the Day on Hyde St.

#sfbatkid - The Riddler is brought to justice


Holy High Fives, #SFBatKid !!



SF BatKid saves Gotham City!

Thank you BatKid

See more images with the #sfbatkid tag here

Photos from Bhautik Joshi, djensen47, Steve Rhodes, Envios, Photogism, tedlin3 and Dave Schumaker.

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‘Big Me, Little Me’ self-portraits

Imagine waking up one morning to find your body inexplicably grown to giant-sized proportions or shrunken down to the size of a bug. Sounds like a scene out of a movie, right? It’s actually just one of the many creative — and often hilarious — series we spotted in photographer Paul Armstrong’s photostream.

“I like to photograph things that are more child-like, sort of absurd,” Paul tells The Weekly Flickr in the accompanying video. “Mostly because I find it personally entertaining. I want people to get lost in the photos, find stories and get a little bit more out of it than maybe just a typical photo would.”

Paul’s interest in photography began in 2005 when he became involved in a beard growing contest called Whiskerino. Part of the contest was for each participant to post a daily bearded photo as evidence. Throughout this process, contestants voted on the best and most creative photos of the day.

Portrait: Hiding The Truth In Facades Of Apathy OR Man's Inability To Grapple With Evil


“Taking a daily ‘selfie’ can quickly get very dull,” Paul says. “So, eventually I started to experiment in order to conquer that boredom. I began to get creative and that sort of started this itch for photography in me.”

Paul began to post his bearded photos on Flickr. After some time, he was shocked to learn they garnered an incredible amount of attention.

“I couldn’t understand why anyone would like them,” Paul admits. “I thought it was crazy. The pictures were ridiculous, but I discovered a whole new medium where I could explore ways to tell silly, ridiculous and sometimes meaningful stories.”

I'll just take these Huggies, and whatever cash you got ... (048/365)

Less is More (054/365)

Paul broke away from his beard growing series and began to experiment more. During the contest, he wasn’t allowed to use Photoshop; something he always wanted to do. Now he had his chance.

“It would be me just sort of breaking into new things, new concepts and thoughts,” Paul describes. “It was just really for my own sake. I have this idea, and I have to get it out. I’d ask myself, ‘What can I do, if I can’t do this? What stories can I tell? What things can I try and convey?’ It was fun.”

With much power, comes much responsibility (Part 2)

leave it all behind

One of the first pictures that exploded on Flickr was one he took on his son’s birthday called, With Much Power, Comes Much Responsibility.

“It was his [son’s] birthday, he was getting bigger, and he was excited about getting bigger, so we thought it would be the perfect concept,” Paul explains. “The picture is of him punching and I’m flying through the air because he’s so strong. And we just set that up, and we got a lot of hits and a lot of attention. It was cool.”

Always be prepared

and everyone will say you missed your chance (071*/365)

After some time, Paul accumulated about 200,000 views on his Flickr page. Feeling humbled, he wanted to show his appreciation. This is how his hit series, “Big Me/Little Me” came about.

“The only way I could think to express how I felt humbled was to be small,” Paul says. “So I made myself be small on my desk, you know, going like ‘thank you’ for liking my photos. And that just kept going. It was hilarious that I looked so small! Soon I thought, ‘What else can I do small?’ And that’s how it all began.”

The Little Me™ Action Figure; fits in your pocket!

You never know what you'll find

Paul set up shots around his house, putting together ordinary, everyday situations with the intention of looking tiny.

“It was me at the fridge, How would I get milk?,” Paul explains. “Or how would I get the mail? How would I see myself in the mirror? You know, just fun and absurd.”

Shortly after posting the “Little Me” series, Paul flipped the idea and began to shoot himself as if he were a giant.

Big me

Are you lookin' at me bum? bum looker ...

“I found the juxtaposition hilarious”, Paul says. “I’d be a giant trying to get into my car or at the dinner table dwarfing over the kids. I really liked picking typical, everyday scenarios everyone could relate to.”

Apart from anything else, Paul wants his photography to be more than a temporary snapshot.

“One thing I don’t want to do with photography is waste your time,” Paul admits. “I doubt anyone really cares about what shoes I have, the burger I just ate, or my cat. I want to illicit a response from my viewers — whether it’s a kind of laugh, if they think it’s funny, clever or cute. That’s when I feel like I’ve succeeded as a photographer.”

Wake up!

Lazy Saturday

Paul still feels extremely humbled and surprised by the outpouring of positive feedback.

“I couldn’t have imagined anything like this both at the time and where it is now,” Paul says. “It’s a little ridiculous, but it’s awesome, I love it.”

Visit Paul’s photostream to see more of his photography.

Previous episode: Famous landmarks replaced by tacky souvenirs? You’ve got check out hilarious photos by Michael Hughes.

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#FlickrFriday: Breakfast at Tiffany’s

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breakfast at tiffany's Breakfast At Tiffany's

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Breakfast at Tiffany's Diamants sur Canapé

FlickrFriday: Not Breakfast At Tiffany's

Breakfast at Tiffany's? BreakfastAtTiffanys

breakfast at tiffany's 3

# Our previous Flickr Friday theme was #BreakfastAtTiffanys, and here are our favorites from your submissions.

Diamonds, Pearls, and the beautiful Audrey Hepburn were the ultimate inspiration for your submissions this week. You dressed up in fancy clothes, captured fancy (and intentionally not so fancy) breakfasts, and splurged in impressive jewelery. Thanks for all your great submissions! You can browse through these and all the other ones in the Flickr Friday group pool, or you can dive into the selection of images some of you curated.

This week we are following a completely different approach. The theme is up to you, but we would like you to contribute a photo to the Flickrverse’s every growing pool of amazing #CreativeCommons photos. This is your chance to step out of your comfort zone and get really creative as you are entirely free with what you photograph, just make sure you are comfortable providing your work free of charge to anyone who meets the Creative Commons license requirements.

Take a moment and familiarize yourself with the different CC licenses we offer. Then make your choice, apply the license, and share your photo with us in the Flickr Friday pool. You can apply the license directly in Uploadr on flickr.com, or by going to your photo page, selecting show more next to Additional Information, and editing the default All Rights Reserved license of your shot.

Photos from lauramakespictures, ♫CoolMcFlash♫, Becky❤Sue, Ana Penelope, flow-to-graff, Steve Schar, wjgwingate, Aloog2013, and hkanins.

#FlickrFriday is a weekly photography project that challenges your creativity. For a chance to be featured on FlickrBlog, follow @flickr on Twitter & like us on Facebook and look for the weekly theme announcement every Friday. Browse the Flickr Friday category for more.

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#TwitterTuesday: Cityscape

Also available in: Deutsch, Français

Petronas Towers Sunset Panorama

One night in Bangkok Financial Centre View from Coit Tower, San Francisco

Project 365 #302 - The James Bond Sunset [Explore]

Osaka TiltShift Boston Skyline

Jeonju view

DSC02717 02-08-04-1252


Navy Pier View of Chicago Foot steps and clouds

Asema-aukio (Explore)

This week was out first international #TwitterTuesday, and you may have seen cityscapes not only shared in English, but also in French, German, Traditional Chinese, Spanish, and Portuguese, significantly broadening the horizon of our project. We hope you enjoy our photo selection above.

If you want to see more of your submissions, you can check them out and follow us on Twitter to see the next challenge in your feed. Stay tuned for a new #TwitterTuesday theme early next week.

Photos from Luke Robinson, patrickdevries2003, Christian Wiedel, slevey, &DCPhotography, lorenzoviolone, christopherskillman, ayaitch-au, rantadi, sevn10, Isabelle Engler, Mike F., faygate, and Antti Tassberg.

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Help BatKid in San Francisco this Friday!

Miles, age 5 dressed as a superheroThe Make-A-Wish foundation is granting 5-year-old Miles’ wish to become BatKid for a day by turning San Francisco into Gotham City this Friday, November 15th. All over the city during the day Miles will be performing daring rescues, stopping bank robberies and will receive thanks for his acts of daring from the City Mayor and Chief of Police at 2pm at Civic Center.

Here’s how you can help: Join in to cheer Miles along, take lots of photos and video and upload these to Flickr with the tag #sfbatkid!

Details of where and when the events are occurring are on Make-a-Wish’s website.


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