BatKid saves San Francisco!

Last Friday San Francisco was transformed into Gotham City, where BatKid – with the help of a caped crusader – brought adventure and justice to city. Thanks to the Make-A-Wish foundation 5-year-old Miles rescued damsels in distress, brought evil-doers to justice, received the key to the city and even earned personal thanks from President Obama.

#sfbatkid - arrival at the bank!

Bat Kid Saves the Day on Hyde St.

#sfbatkid - The Riddler is brought to justice


Holy High Fives, #SFBatKid !!



SF BatKid saves Gotham City!

Thank you BatKid

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Photos from Bhautik Joshi, djensen47, Steve Rhodes, Envios, Photogism, tedlin3 and Dave Schumaker.

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