#TwitterTuesday: Lunch

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Tomato-mozzarella salad

#230: confessions of a BLT virgin I love Wagamama!


Today's best sandwich lunch Launch

Bibimbap @ Sài Gòn

Chopped salad Pizza Salsiccia


Yummy ! First Attempt at Pizza


This #TwitterTuesday we asked you to share your best Lunch photo with us. You showed us delicious burgers, homemade pizza, light tomato and mozzarella dishes as well as Japanese bento dishes and delicious soups. Believe us, it was a mouthwatering experience to browse through all of them!

We thank everyone who submitted a photo. Check out all of them and follow us on Twitter or on Flickr to see the next challenge directly in your feed. We will be back next Tuesday with the new #TwitterTuesday theme.

Photos from Antti Tassberg, dogfaceboy, Oaks and Coulter, Lorenzo Tombola, Brother O’Mara, im·per·fec·tion, Khánh Hmoong, Pfish44, Desmond Yin, John Carleton, Hello i’m Wild !, ljgreene84, and Xabier Alonso.

Posted by Kay Kremerskothen