Mono Monday: What lies ahead

Wow, you guys take such beautiful black and white photos! We’re thrilled to see the amazing selection of monochome images coming into the @flickr stream and on the Flickr Facebook page. Please share your favorite monochrome pictures with us and we may feature you on the Flickr Blog as part of our Mono Monday series.

We’d like to call out the SMU Central University Libraries in particular for the amazing submissions they’ve sent our way, including the picture of U.S. President Teddy Roosevelt below.

If you tweet @flickr, please be sure to include the #MonoMonday hashtag and link the Flickr image URL. Thanks, and a marvelous Mono Monday to everyone!

Flickr Community team

musical figure
Chequered Corner Shop
Riding over patterns
Speedy Ortiz
Bright versus dark side
Husband Number Three
What lies ahead
[President Theodore Roosevelt Being Escorted into Yellowstone National Park by Park Superintendent, Major John Pitcher]