Mono Monday: Lines in the sand

Remains (explored)
MandlenkhosiRemains (explored)
Barling Magna
Scott BaldockBarling Magna
san diego : downtown parking garage
William Dunigansan diego : downtown parking garage

Statue. Explore #1
eddieELMStatue. Explore #1
Philadelphia, 2014
Alan BarrPhiladelphia, 2014
Too cool for school
crawf8Too cool for school
spring morning
Jennifer MacNeillspring morning

Shitty Art
Alfred MyersShitty Art

No milk today

White flower after the rain in black and white
Steven B. WeinbergWhite flower after the rain in black and white
Gold Day (Saxifrage) [explore]
*will~les~photo*Gold Day (Saxifrage) [explore]

354 ~ night

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