The Wild Ones Diary: Boston

A guest post by Sarah Ann Loreth, co-founder of The Wild Ones, a Flickr sponsored workshop tour around the USA and Canada. Follow the Wild Ones on Flickr and stay tuned for more updates.

We started The Wild Ones Tour 2014 in Boston last weekend for two days of learning and cultivating passions! We were joined by more than a dozen incredible minds looking to learn! Our first day was held in the spacious Arnold Arboretum filled with a wide variety of different environments the students had to choose from! The first day we taught the ins and outs of conceptualizing, team building, and shot hands on demos explaining our process!

Our second day we took the students into the classroom to teach business building, copyright protection, and each of the instructors went over how to edit the photos we shot on the first day before giving the students free time to edit their own photos.

Thanks to our incredible sponsors, we had a whole table full of prizes to give away! Every student left with something, and here are some of the photos our wonderful students created!

We hope you’ll also enjoy this short video we created of the experience:

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Sarah is a fine art photographer from New Hampshire, who specializes in self-portraiture and conceptual portraiture. To see more of her work check out her website: