Flickr Photo Walks on May 4th

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Los héroes que coronaron esa subida suavecita :-))

A couple of days ago, we announced our first ever global day of Flickr Photo Walks. So far, we’ve seen a great response from you and want to highlight the photo walks that are already taking place around the world.

If you are near any of these locations, head over to the respective thread and let everyone know that you’ll be joining!

You don’t see any meetup in your area yet? Become an organizer and announce your photo walk!

Australia | Sydney
New Zealand | Dunedin

Malaysia | Kuala Lumpur
中华人民共和国 | Shanghai
中華民國 | Taipei
India | Bangalore | Mumbai

España | Léon | San Sebastían | Zaragoza
Deutschland | Berlin | Frankfurt/M.
France | Paris
Finland | Helsinki
Italia | Cagliari, Sardegna | Friuli | L’aquila | Napoli | Pavia/Milano | Roma | Sala Consilina | Verona
România | Oravița
The United Kingdom| London

Canada | Toronto | Montreal
USA | Niagara Falls, NY | Denver, CO | New York City | Orlando, FL | Arlington (National Cemetery), VA
| Philadelphia, PA | Las Vegas, NV | Palo Alto, CA | San Francisco, CA
México | Ciudad de México

Photo from anpegom.

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#TwitterTuesday: Panorama

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New Dawn Fades





Il Campo, Siena One afternoon in Chillon, Switzerland

Brickell Miami

Pyramid of the Sun and the Avenue of the Dead, Teotihuacán 06202007 Borobudur Panorama


Scenic Railway

Fotoman 617 Lomochrome_0001.jpg

Rhossili Bay Penorama / Olympus Pen EE / expired Fuji Velvia 100

Forêt de Meudon - Panorama

Laguna Miñiques

they call it chaos, we call it home

Alpen Panorama  Ô Quy Hồ pass, 11/2013

Gundegabaletten på Soltorget

Foggy Sunrise

Landscape #2


Christmas tree

Our #TwitterTuesday theme was #Panorama. We think it’s safe to say that these must be some of the most impressive panorama photos we have seen in a long time which is why we selected quite a few to be selected for this week’s recap post. They are also a great representation of the great variety of subjects one can capture in a panorama shot.

As always, thanks to everyone who submitted a photo! We highly recommend checking out all contributions in the @flickr Twitter feed.

To see the next challenge delivered directly to your feed, follow us on Twitter or on Flickr. We’ll be back on Friday with the week-long #FlickrFriday challenge and on Tuesday with the new #TwitterTuesday theme.

Photos from zh3nya, Juan Pablo Roldan, Geir Halvorsen, lawa, Casete, faygate, philippe julien, AkaSancho, Orange Barn, Luke Robinson, christopher_brown, @fotodudenz, rmarvin4095, rob orchard, Massis__, Alfred Myers, musesyndrome_, nudnikhdk, Khánh Hmoong, krissen, marvelprash, Nicnoth, Christopher.F Photography, and Littlemissninon.

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Surreal concepts

The Surrendering

A selection of surrealistic pictures created by the many talented conceptual photographers among us on Flickr.

See, and share, more photography in the Magically Surreal gallery and Conceptual Photography group.

Photos from Chris Rivera, Tasha Marie, Carolyn Hampton, Simon Woodward, and Rubén Chase.

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Earthquake aftermath in Chile

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Last week’s 8.2-magnitude earthquake has left many Chileans in destitution, while relief organizations try their best to reach and supply communities stricken by the natural disaster in and around Iquique, a quake-prone region in northern Chile.

Our hearts go out to those impacted in this catastrophe.

See more photos from the Chile Earthquake Aftermath gallery.

Photos from Ignacio Guerra Buhadla, trisotti diputado, camille cegarra, and GOBERNADOR PROVINCIAL DE IQUIQUE.

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Most alluring little-known places

“The human spirit needs places where nature has not been rearranged by the hand of man.” — Author unknown

Does your spirit need to be refreshed? Take a visual adventure to these esoteric destinations that are full of beauty:

Dürnstein Blaue Stunde

This small baroque village on the Danube River in Austria known as Dürnstein, is regarded as one of the most romantic places in the Wachau Valley. Boasting plenty of historic character, it is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the Wachau region.

This city, which is carved out of its rock landscape, is often referred to as “The City of Bridges.” Made by nature, yet enhanced by man, Constantine is the capital city of Eastern Algeria. Six picturesque bridges connect the robust mountain on which this elegant city was built.

The magic of Namaqualand arrives in spring, when this semi-desert environment in South Africa transforms into a wonderland of dizzying color. When the millions of wild flowers emerge onto this natural canvas each spring, they leave an enchanting impression that no visitor will forget.

On the northwest side of one of the least populated Hawaiian Islands of Lanai is the lunar landscape of Keahiakawelo. In the setting and rising sun, this stunning Mars-like landscape reflects a brilliant orange, purple, and red glow. This rock garden, known as the “Garden of the Gods” is best explored leisurely on four wheels.

Enjoy more destinations in the Most Alluring Lesser-Known Places gallery.

Photos from Robert Schüller, Alaa Benz, Tom Coghlan, and Grant Kaye.

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Lifeguard huts

Lifeguard station at 10th Street

pan (10)

ave 26. venice beach, ca. 2012.

Cape May Lifeguards

Tropical Storm Debby

Tough Job

Fire on the Beach

Torrey Pines State Beach


See more in the Lifeguard Hut group.

Photos from Ian Rawlinson, Nicholas` Moffat, Kevin Balluff, Bill T, Andrew, Richard Kolasa, Duane Schoon, CoastalJester and gastelllo.

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Extreme sport of bull racing in India

We’ve seen a lot of extreme-sports photos posted on Flickr, but they’re nothing like photographer Anoop Negi’s Indian bull racing shots.

“How often do you see people engaging in bull racing — men literally in the mud at the mercy of running bulls?” he asks The Weekly Flickr in the accompanying video. “The mere thought may sound crazy but it’s just one of the things I’m so happy to have been able to capture and share on Flickr.”

Anoop came across this event randomly a few years ago while traveling throughout Southern India.

The Race Track with bulls going great guns.

“Bull racing is a rural sport in Kerala,” Anoop says. “It’s held every year in the post-harvest season — roughly within the months of August and September. It coincides during the period of Onam, which is a religious festival in Kerala. People from in and around the area gather for the event; it’s probably the most exciting thing that happens during this period.”

“This is not an organized sport by any means,” Anoop says. “All the jockeys are farmers, who specialize in bull racing on the side. The bulls are specially bred and trained for such races and are prized possessions of the farmers.”

Instead of a track, the event (called Maramady) takes place in flooded rice fields — about six to twelve inches deep — which makes it extremely entertaining for the crowds watching from the sidelines.

“Oh there is mud everywhere!” Anoop explains. ”I myself was taking photographs initially from a different angle, and I was thigh deep in it, and it took me about ten minutes to extricate myself from the mud.

The rules are simple: A pair of bulls are sent charging down the football-sized rice paddy soaked field, while the jockeys hang onto wooden planks or harnesses and slide through the mud. Often times, as seen in Anoops photos, it’s hard to even spot the jockey because he’s doused by all the wet mud — almost as if he’s surfing and consumed by the waves. Alongside the bulls are two men guiding them in the right direction. Like the professional jockeys, these runners are also well trained and are experts in managing the bulls. Nearly 30 teams participate in the race, which starts at noon and continues up to dusk. The team with the fastest time wins.

“The sport is fairly dangerous,” Anoop says, “because it is almost impossible to control two bulls who are racing down. They’ve been bred for racing. So the moment they start, you can’t really control them.”

“What makes photographing bull races exhilarating is it’s an experience in itself,” Anoop says. “The fact that there’s a huge crowd [of people] who are cheering and shouting, and there’s no place to shoot [photos] from. If you are lucky, you are in the front shooting photos. Sometimes you’re shooting through the legs of the crowd, and you don’t know when the bulls will come crashing straight or onto you; you have to dive.”

Anoop is motivated the most by his quest to capture traditional/cultural Indian activities before they’re forgotten.

“I love to take pictures of festivals and fairs that are going on in the country, which may slowly go away,” Anoop explains.”Take the example of the bull races. There have been problems — people have been saying that it should be shut down or it isn’t economical. So, in time, bull races may just go away.”

“I wasn’t even aware, until the time I started doing photography, that these events were slowly going away or a whole tribal culture was disappearing. After having photographed them, it set me thinking about why people are not aware of such activities. And it was only then I realized that in this fast pace of change India is undergoing — whole sets of culture, way of life, people — they were vanishing forever from centuries of our Indian roots to a daily urban grind of existence.“

At the end of the day, Anoop says he hopes the reactions he receives from viewers is sheer amazement.

“[I’d like them to feel] amazement at the fact that there are still sights that people have not been able to see or feel,” Anoop says. “Perhaps that kind of a photograph ignites wanderlust, which I think is at [the] core of human growth and existence. If it can [encourage]… travel, come and see the country, I think my job is done.”

Visit Anoop’s photostream to see more of his photography.

Previous episode: Photographer captures the dangerous lives of rodeo cowboys.

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#FlickFriday: Iceberg Ahead

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#FlickrFriday: Iceberg Ahead. Sometimes we have to face crisis in our life, just like an iceberg ahead. We can only see the 10% floating above the water, but the 90% under water is what really matters. Take a shot of it and share it for Flickr Friday!

This week’s theme for #FlickrFriday is all about the dangerous, icy sea. Of course, if you’re near an ice berg, that’s the perfect opportunity to take a shot of one right away, but we are also curious to see you get creative: Will you use sugar or ice cubes, salt crystals or artificial substances to create your perfect iceberg and shoot it? We’re eager to see the results of your #IcebergAhead shots.

Take a shot from today until next Friday when we announce the new theme, and submit it to the group for a chance to be featured. You can also invite your friends to participate by retweeting us or sharing our status.

To see last week’s recap post, just head over to our #EverythingMustGo selection.

#FlickrFriday is a weekly photography project that challenges your creativity. For a chance to be featured on FlickrBlog, follow follow the Flickr photostream, @flickr on Twitter & like us on Facebook and look for the weekly theme announcement every Friday. Browse the Flickr Friday category for past installations of the series.

CC-BY-SA source photo from Liam Quinn.

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#FlickrFriday: The #EverythingMustGo Selection

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All Aboard the Space Ship

innocence #EverythingMustGo (Tout s'en va) Il est temps...


SALE_1076 Chilling Annual Cleansing

Everything Must Go - A new start

Everything Must Go Everything must go well

Everything Must Go

[ 14 / 52 ] - Wind & Oblivion Entgleiser

Everything must go

Everything Must Go Old paper charts


Last Flickr Friday we asked you to interpret #EverythingMustGo, and it was truly amazing to see the huge variety of ideas and concepts you came up with. This is just a small selection of some of our favorites, but make sure to check out the Flickr Friday group for the fully glory of photos.

Many of you also took the time to pick your favorites and present them in the galleries of favorites thread that you shouldn’t miss out on. It’s never too late: We invite you to go through the pool and create a gallery with your faves to contribute it.

Photos from EmreKanik, jp.Chambard, Tresco _, nan palmero, GeorgePennington, Saricientta, Rodger_Evans, wiwikiwi,, Mario Donati, Matt_Briston, Diogo Costta, Heinzelmän, johannekekroesbergen, Ana Penelope, Aloog2013, and rleon36.

#FlickrFriday is a weekly photography project that challenges your creativity. For a chance to be featured on FlickrBlog, follow follow the Flickr photostream, @flickr on Twitter & like us on Facebook and look for the weekly theme announcement every Friday. Browse the Flickr Friday category for past installations of the series.

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Night scenery

Amid The Moon and The Stars

A worldwide selection of most-viewed photography uploaded recently that captures wonderful scenery at night.

See, and share, more photos in the Sensational Night Shots gallery and Night and Darkness group.

Photos from Conor MacNeill, Donald Palansky, Kenny Barker, Abhimanyu (Abz) Bose, and Jeff Sullivan.

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