Ouch that Hurt!

One of the big switches that lets Flickr talk to the outside world went on vacation without telling anyone about 30 minutes ago. The problem has been fixed and we’re wobbling our way back up, but you might still see some strange behavior for the next 10-20 minutes.

Actual photo serving wasn’t affected so any photos you were showing elsewhere (like on your blog) should have gone on happily showing up.

update 12:58pm: hmmm, still stuck in baggage claim on the way back up. We’re looking at another 20 minutes at least until everything is all shiny.

update 1:33pm: all cuteness aside, our dedicated team of server whisperers are bringing each frightened server up one by one. This is taking a bit longer then they had promised us. Current predictions are 15 minutes. We’ll provide updates as necessary.

update 1:39pm: WE’RE BACK! Thanks for your patience.