Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim



blue sky  Loch Rannoch  Great Wall of China at Mutianyu #3

Sometimes called the “poor man’s Lomo,” the Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim is my latest camera crush (thank you, George). It’s a dead easy to use (point and shoot) 35mm ultra wide camera with a very slim profile (hence the name), an aperture of f11, a shutter speed of 1/125 and a very low sticker price. In fact, if you find one online, it’s likely that the shipping costs will be more than what you spend on the camera itself. I’ve had better success with 400 speed film and bright light. If you have a small yen for a little film in your digital life, this might be the camera for you.

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Photos from jj look, Christopher Evans, kunel, slimmer_jimmer and SqueakyMarmot.