Life in the Pyrénées, circa 1900

Famille Crouzats, au Port de Venasque, Luchon, 6 septembre 1898

A la foire, Foix, novembre 1905

Paysage de montagne, Luchon

 Eclipse du 30 août 1905, Foix

We’re thrilled to welcome the first non-English member and second library to join The Commons on Flickr, Bibliothèque de Toulouse.

Witness this focused archive of life in the mountains around 1900. From glaciers to families, markets to mountaineers, these historic shots tell all sorts of tales about the people and places of the Pyrénées over 100 years ago. (See the map view.)

Do you have any photos taken in that part of the world? You might have noticed that some of the other photos in The Commons have had “here’s what it looks like today” photos added in the comments…