5 Questions for Brett Walker

With a hop from Warsaw to London, we meet our next interviewee, Brett Walker.

Selected by Bart Pogoda in our last interview, Brett’s fans have the following to say about his photography:

“…I can not find the words that would do him justice.It s just not possible to sum up in a few lines the impact his images have.I only hope that he will never get tired of showing us.He is needed,like a medicine. Thank you.”semimortal79

You make Flickr a real place, with you pure raw beauty, your portraits with their whole life written in the black and white, the real world you bring into this virtual one…” — ndrgrnd

the Devil lives in England … and he’s got the nerve to database his souls on Flickr! Hats off, to the Dark Lord.” — page thirteen

1. Brett, we know it’s a tough question, but if you had to pick just one camera to shoot with from now until the end of time, what would that be?

Brett: Canon 5D mk2+24mm 1.2.

2. A (possibly) tough question… Tell us your favourite photos on Flickr, and why you like them. First, a favourite from your photostream?

Brett: It just all fell in to place, I had low expectations of the shot. She now sits for me regularly.

And from another Flickr member?

Brett: It’s perfect. I was with him when he shot this in the street. I missed every frame — John Gladdy nailed it in one.

3. What’s one tip that you would share with someone who’s just picking up a camera?

Brett: Set to automatic and shoot till your finger bleeds.

4. When we interview peeps for employment here at Team Flickr, we always ask: “Kittens, babies, sunsets or flowers? Pick one.”

Brett: Kittens every time.

5. Which Flickr member should we ask these 5 questions of next?

Sunset At The Seawall

Brett: Susan Mac!

Heather: Thanks, Brett. We’ll be back soon when we ask 5 Questions of Susan Mac.

Photos from Brett Walker, John Gladdy, and sMacshot.

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