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peep holeHow can you mix up your photography for $5 – $10? Pick up a door peep hole viewer from your local hardware store. I’ve had one on my shopping list since Zack arrived at FlickrHQ with one a few weeks ago. (Check out his Cookies! video and photos tagged with “peephole“.)

Brian’sEye created a simple how to in the Peephole fish eye group:

Hold peephole against rim of camera lens.
– Set camera to “macro”. (the image is actually displayed on the inside face of the convex lens of the peephole. The camera must focus on the foreground image rather than the background image.)
– Zoom in to the point that the viewable “circle” is framed almost evenly.
– For best results, brighter lighting will avoid unwanted noise (grain)
– Enjoy and have fun.

Photos from guruveee, deana rae, and Brian’sEye.
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