Going More Mobile

video.gneOver the last year we’ve seen an explosion of mobile devices uploading to and browsing Flickr. It’s rapidly becoming the norm for our members to use a camera phone to share their immediate world with others, and a mobile browser to keep track of friends and family.

Today we’re releasing several upgrades to m.flickr.com. If you’ve got a smartphone with one of the fancier new mobile browsers, you’ll experience a completely new version of our mobile site, one that’s built around the things that are most important to you when you’re on the go.

First, the sexy part — you can now view Flickr videos on your mobile phone! Videos uploaded from today forward will be immediately viewable through our mobile site. As of today this particular feature is available on iPhone and Android phones, as well as iPod Touch. We expect to rapidly expand the number of devices that we support in the coming weeks.

The activity stream now has more information in it, all synched to the settings you specify on the main Flickr site. For the first time you can now comment on, and favorite, photos from your mobile phone. And it’s also wonderfully simple to add, find, and manage your contacts.

Emailing photos from your mobile phone to Flickr also gets a little easier. We’ve made your secret Flickr upload email address a cinch to find and use. Just enter it in your address book under the name “Flickr”, then email us whenever you shoot something interesting.

Finally, if nothing’s happening in your part of the Flickrverse, we’ve made it very easy to browse the most interesting photos of the day, or do a search of the 3 billion+ photos that live on Flickr.

As always, head over to the Forum if you have any bugs, feedback, or questions about which devices we support.