Inspiration, found


I’ve been following street artist, and active Flickr member C215’s work since a stencil of an enigmatic face showed up on my building one morning. A piece inspired by a photo he found on Flickr, according to a story in last Sunday’s UK Metro.

[Jon Cartwright’s] rise to fame began in February when he posted on website Flickr a photo he took of himself smoking a cigarette. He then received a message from a Paris-based artist who calls himself C215. ‘This is a great picture of you. I will provide you soon or later a surprise,’ he wrote cryptically.

A person search, and a quick visit to Jon’s archives later, and I was able to find that original photo, “Hard Light”.

Hard light

And the representation…

C215 - JUNK STORE - solo show at AD HOC gallery (Brooklyn)

Congratulations to C215, and Jon Cartwright.

Photos from stephanemissier, Jon Cartwright, and C215