Historical referrer data — you has it!

35/365 feb.04.10 - Finally, back to normal :)

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, we implemented changes to the historical referrer data available to our Pro members. Part of that change included the removal of your historical referrer data. We promised then that we’d make that info available to you “soon”. Today, you’ll see a new link near the footer of your stats that links to a new page where you can download monthly files that will be available until June 1st, noon PDT.

Please refer (no pun intended) to the “Where can I view historical referrer data past 28 days?” FAQ for the full poop. If you’ve questions, please head over to our Help Forum.

Introducing the Stats API
The bigger news is that we’ve integrated Stats nubby bits into the Flickr API. Please check out Paul’s post on code.flickr for more information. So, now’s the time for all you groovy developers to code something wonderful.

Photo from café•moka.