Stats applications in the App Garden

Woo! Pro members have options for watching their view counts and stats with three applications we’ve noticed in the App Garden.

flickrstats runs through the stats spreadsheet files that are on your stats pages and returns a nifty interactive graph and tantalizing pie charts on a web page that visually illustrates the activity on your photos.

flickrstats screenshot

F*Stats is a classic; it’s a desktop application that downloads your stats data so that you can store more than 28 days of data on your local computer.


Exif statistics gives you info on the aperture, the focal length or the ISO sensitivity you use the most! You can even filter your photos by the make of camera or your settings. It’s handy for learning what settings you use on your camera and learning the photographic results of those settings.

Camera stats

June 1st!

A reminder that historical stats data (your referrers back to the ‘beginning’) is only available until June 1st. After June 1st only the last 28 days of data will be available. Download those spreadsheets soon if you want that historical data! Some notes for developers on stats API resources are here.

Applications by visp, tarmo888 and Ghusse.