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Today we’re announcing an update to our share functionality to help you make Flickr the hub for your photos on the Internet. If you’re anything like us, you probably have multiple places out there on the Internet where you express yourself. Maybe you use Facebook to connect to your college friends, Twitter for people who share your interests, or your blog as your megaphone to the world. The changes we’re releasing today make it easier to upload once to Flickr and get your photos out to other places you showcase your photos on the web!

Here are some of the features we’re introducing:

  • Easier access to share functionality -We’ve integrated options to share your photos as a key part of the photo page, making it easier for you to access and get your photos out to the places you want.

    Introducing the new Share This button

  • Previously you could only share your photostreams, sets and groups to your friends and family via email. Now you’ll be able to share those same things to all supported social destinations as well. Stay tuned as we continue to make improvements that allow you to share even more of your life on Flickr!
  • We’ve improved flexibility of sharing to Facebook so you can now selectively share individual photos, your sets, groups or photostream. You can also share non-public content with your Facebook friends, so that they can see your latest weekend trip photos without making them public on Flickr. And of course, you can always set up your account so that you automatically share any public uploads directly to your Facebook feed.
  • Signed-out users can now also share public and safe photos they see on Flickr directly to their Twitter and Facebook accounts.
  • We’ve added Tumblr as a share destination and are retiring native support of some existing blogs (you can always check out the app garden for other ways to get your photos out there on the internet!).

For more information on exactly what’s changed check out this FAQ. Please let us know in the forum if you have any feedback or encounter a bug.

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Zack Sheppard

I'm a native Nevadan. I currently work at Flickr as the Senior Community Manager, and I also do training, and some writing there. I love information, but I love people above all things.